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Finds in the GARBAGE!

Article about: There is a thread about a member restoring US canteen. Taking dents outs. just look for it or a member will chim in about it.

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    Joe-at least it's not sitting at the bottom of a land fill now.

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    Thanks, lithgow! I do take comfort in knowing that I saved it from total destruction/ being melted down for scrap.

    I haven't had the chance to clean it up yet. Any sugestions?

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    Nice silver coins for where you found those, the 1800's look great.
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    Ballistol spray for the metal work and grips-will lift off the rust and dirt but not damage them-also protects against corrosion.

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    WOW Joe. You do find some treasures.. I always enjoy seeing what you find. You scored big time with the silver.

    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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    Garbage find of the weekend! 16 complete and some partial Pacific Theater of Operations US Bomb Damage Reports!

    Finds in the GARBAGE!

    Check out my thread on them here:
    PTO Bomb Damage Assessments

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    Great pieces

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    Thanks, Gary! These assessments are amazing!!

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    Garbage find of the day! What a random grouping! lol

    Finds in the GARBAGE!

    The musette bag is damn near mint and is Powers and Company dated 1941. The smaller pouch is for the Pedersen device... also minty and Rock Island Arsenal dated July 1919.

    The Carcano bayonet is a little rusty, but complete and otherwise in good shape... devoid of any markings, however...

    Can anyone help me identify the other bayonet? AK47, I assume?

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    more free stuff more free stuff keep it coming

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