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Finds in the GARBAGE!

Article about: There is a thread about a member restoring US canteen. Taking dents outs. just look for it or a member will chim in about it.

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    I posted a sign yesterday and got something within 30 minutes.

    It's not exactly militaria but one of our employees was doing some housecleaning for her grandmother and she came across this book collection that she was going to throw out. I took them instead. There are some really nice ones here, particularly the WWII atlas. The books in the box are a series, and there are 19 of them, all with really good photos. It's a nice start.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Finds in the GARBAGE!  

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    Ask and you shall receive!

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    Quote by GIZMO8Z View Post
    To my knowledge that is a french M47 canteen pouch, and the canteen might also be, but I have only seen ones with a bigger cap.

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    Let's play a game...

    Spy the militaria:
    Finds in the GARBAGE!

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    Does this help?

    Finds in the GARBAGE!

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    Is that a sword or bayonet in the center? Also I think I see a dead squirrel.

    Regards, Corey

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    Yeah, the blade of a bayo or part of sword peeking out and 'pointing' to the right.

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    Lets hope it is ok.

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    A dead squirrel...? I was searching thru that pile for like 10mins and I didn't see that!

    After I left work yesterday, my sister called and informed me that one of our workers found "an army knife." I rushed back to get it, only to find out that our new employee thought it was junk and tossed it into the scrap heap. (Note to self: Be sure to tell all new employees that I want any and all militaria that comes in...)

    As I thought about jumping into the pile (which is FILLED with pointy metal things...), I asked the foreman if he could describe the knife to me. To be honest, I wanted to be close to sure it was something worthwhile before jumping into the pile and running the risk of slicing myself and having to be rushed to the ER for a tetinus shot.

    Our foreman said the knife said Toledo on it and "was as long as my horse $%*&!!." As this was happening, I was texting forum members Newbie and Obkrieger... they really encouraged me to jump into the pile.

    I decided to roll up my sleeves, and after a while of searching, I came across this mauser style bayonet! It had landed handle down, and wire was wrapped around the handle. There is some pitting on the blade, and it's a little dirty from sitting in the scrap pile, but it is overall in good shape. It's marked: Artilleria Fnc Nacional Toledo

    A quick flEaBay search shows some in similar condition being sold for $140!

    Finds in the GARBAGE!Finds in the GARBAGE!

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    Glad go see you are OK. I love your motivation! Thanks for saving another piece of history.

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