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Flea Finds

Article about: Lol, First thoughts ! - I really don't know.........

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    [/ATTACH]Attachment 517499Attachment 517500 today´s flea finds,

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    Attachment 517505 local fleamarket

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    Nice finds. Rich A. in Pa.
    1969 Shelby GT-500 King of the Road
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    Those Swiss bayonets flooded the market at some point.
    Then there was a slump and another batch had turned up, when last I was at a militaria fair a few months ago.
    They are surprisingly cheap for the such a good quality blade. When first they turned up, I bought a couple of them.
    The bayonet is easy to dissamble hence you can put on a new wooden handle instead of the factory plastic one, which doesnt look good especially when worn.
    As there are so many of the Swiss bayonets around, it doesn matter that some are converted IMO.

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    I may be a bit late but, your drum is a general use container. I always see those being used to transport oily aircraft parts though, out here in naval air station pax river.

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    Nice "Verplegung-sack", my dad got himself one in Tallinn but unfortunately, it is gone after the ex threw it away..

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