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Found this in China

Article about: Hey. Can anyone help me with me with this? I picked this up in Shanghai. Inside it was a 1917 Remington U.S bayonet. Any info would put my mind to rest. Thanks

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    Good luck in Turkey mate just a cautionary note for buying in China, they have a really bad habit of embellishing old items,the amount of swords,bayonets and just about everything, are coming out with weird symbols trying to get higher interest and prices...fakes are so rampant there now

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    cheers mate,
    yeah i did see a lot of fakes that made me laugh.
    I go to China quite often and i'm always on the hunt.
    saw an old British helmet, early 50's, really good condition but he wanted $8000 yuan.
    that's $1600NZD!!!!
    I asked him to tell me about the helmet, he said it was rare.
    If you are lucky you can find some good stuff......but like you say there are so many fakes.
    turkey should have a few goodies if i look hard enough.

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    Why would NZ Customs have a problem with bayo's? Anti firearms and bladed weapons in your country? Great pics!

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    Quote by Danger View Post

    The 1969 Chinese (made for V.C army) bandolier is a nice find too, although a little different from others I've seen.
    How are you dating the SKS bandolier and how are you tying it to the VC instead of a standard CHinese army SKS bandolier? Just curious,

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    The cutdown scabbard with the star and parachute is embellished to deceive. You will see these on ebay alot, usually with a cut down T-30 Japanese bayo.


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    Lucky you didnt come to Australia, its so strict here Very nice finds by the way!

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    hey guys,
    nz customs are really strict.
    the scabbard is a fake, but a collectible fake funny enough.
    was told the bandolier was part of left over stock for V.C, probably B.S, but couldn't say no to such a great item.
    would be cool if true.
    if not, i still like it.

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