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Garbage find

Article about: Here is one of the wheels, can someone tell me what it is for ? Rolf

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    Quote by GasMasksUK View Post
    We all do at some point, its just one of those little things about learning but I do see where you were coming from though, its actually what I first thought when i seen the pictures too


    I had to go back and look at a bunch of photo's before I saw the 'err' of my way's. Goes to show,I should research more before I insert my two typing fingers in my mouth. Ron

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    Hello Guys, here's a new one, not a garbage find but a old man gave me a gift today when I had my museum open.
    The story is that British and Norwegians were fighting against german Gebirgsjägers the 10th of may 1940 near my city, and when the british withdraw they throw away the guns and this one ended up against a tree and was found again by one guy picking flowers in 1972, the gun was still standing against the tree and today I get it , the gun number is still visible, maybe it is possible to find out his name that left it in 1940 ??

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Garbage find   Garbage find  

    Garbage find   Garbage find  

    Garbage find   Garbage find  

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    Nice wall hanger! Amazing it still stood against the tree for all that time. And..lucky you for getting it! Ron

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    SMLE! Nice

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    Agreed. Awesome to find items like this. I hope to be this fortunate some day.

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