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Garbage find

Article about: Here is one of the wheels, can someone tell me what it is for ? Rolf

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    Default Garbage find

    Found this in a garbagecontainer the other day, incredible what people throw away :-)
    But good for me .

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Garbage find  

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    Amazing!!What rifle are they for?


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    They ae for the german Mauser 98K, 7 is original and 5 is Norwegian made after the war I think.


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    WOW ! What a find !

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    HOLY COW !!!, What kind of garbage do your neighbours throw out, all i see is cabbage leaves and tea bags!!!

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    You sure stepped in some stuff! Lucky you! Where is this? (country)Ron

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    That's amazing, even if you knew nothing about old weapons and had no need or want for them, you'd think they'd be able to find someone to sell them to, but still as you say it's not such a bad thing as they've found a good home now.

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    Are you willing to sell one of the Norwegian stocks? Im about to buy a 1940 dated Kar98k that has a modern hunting stock that I want to remove but I cant find any original ones

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    This makes me want to go look at every dump in the world. Haha.

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    This is really good news, another collector who takes time to look into garbage skips. I have stressed before, please go to your local re-cycling center and make friends with them, it will amaze you what might turn up. I went to mine last wek and for 3 I bought a perfectly good wheelbarrow and an almost new knapsac sprayer. Not military I know, but now my wife can clear up the garden and spray the weeds. Prehaps our members can give it a go at their local dump and post their finds on here. Go forth and good hunting. John.

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