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German Helmet

Article about: Hi I'm new in here! My english is not so good, well to the subject: this helmet was found in a dumpster by my fathers brother, it was laing ther whit seval brithish handgranates and a german

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    Just a thought are you going to consider that 200 euros offer now.

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    yea that cut be nice! ha ha I think it to late and I wood not sell a fake helmet to anybody, If I know it fake I will restore it! and keep it for fun
    Do not step in it

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    Good work guy's,
    Nothing much to add but i would remove what remain's of the fake decal and check for an original under paint but don't try and scratch the paint off.Hold it up to the light and see if you can see a shield under paint which will be the same basic shape as the fake one.It will have to be treated with careful paint removal.I use a product called Acetone. If the paint is fairly fresh it may come off with normal paint remover but there's a chance it was repainted before use as a fire Helmet.Post us a photo of the inside colour if you can.

    Good luck with it and welcome.

    Best regard's from oz


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    I will take a pic later tonight of inside helmet, I had have this helmet sinds I was 13 years old so I don't know how fresh this paint is any longer
    so it was a litle blow in the stomage, when I was toalt it was fake
    I bought my first medal when I was 12 years old, it was the ost medal and that was OK

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    Great to have sentimental value

    It's nice to have somthing since you were 13 and i can identify with that.I have a German style Helmet i have had since i was 10.I found out year's ago that it was in fact not german but a chinese copy! I too was gutted when i found out it was not real but still it's nice to have.It remain's my most valuable Helmet in my collection. Ost Medal hey! Nice work getting one when your only 12

    Best regard's


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    Hey Tom
    Nice to hire, The fun in this was I got my ost medal from the same guy that gave me this helmet! I fall in love whit german medals in a very jung age
    Here is some pic of the inside as I promished

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture German Helmet   German Helmet  

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    Thank's for the pic.
    Yep it look's like they repainted this inside too so did a good job of it.To check if it's an original shell take a look at the inside flare in the centre of rear.There should be a 3 or 4 digit number there called a batch number (eg.4583).Also on the left side inner flare near the corner where it step's down to the front peak there should be a stamp like ET64 or it could be NS or Q.This is the maker and shell size.They have also welded some chin strap mounting's to the inside shell but they could be removed.

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