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German Helmet

Article about: Hi I'm new in here! My english is not so good, well to the subject: this helmet was found in a dumpster by my fathers brother, it was laing ther whit seval brithish handgranates and a german

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    Default German Helmet

    I'm new in here!
    My english is not so good, well to the subject: this helmet was found in a dumpster by my fathers brother, it was laing ther whit seval brithish handgranates and a german dagger, he keept for him self, he gave this to me. 2 years later he wanted to buy it from me for 200 euros. I said NO THANKS becurse my interest for WW2 items and history was getting mutch higher, this is 15 years ago now, there is a mark on one side and a (stupid ass) sorry my languish had sanded the other away

    PIC will come, have to find out how I do
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Tyskhjelm003-1.jpg   Tyskhjelm002-1.jpg  


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    Default Re: German Helmet

    Unfortunately the decal is not good and the liner is looks like a from Feuerwehr helmet

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    Default Re: German Helmet

    It's look's like to me as you say the liner has ben change, the paint on the, I dont know what it named on english, the things that holds the linen you can see on pic have another colar. I have not meet any oner yet that cut tell me for sure it not a orginal mark, The paint on helmet they say it the orginal and the linen is also but not to this helmet, but the mark has always ben the big question!! and if you say's it not good I belive that, have ben reeding of your threads and it sounds like you know what you talking about ;D Thanks

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    Now I have taken it apart and you seems to be right about the repaint, it looks lihe it has ben paintet whit this dark green, it looks like it is a thin paint shell I try remove it and what shell i use? have nothing to loos anyway ;D

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    Dimas is right. The liner is an obvious replacement and actually appears to be on backwards. You can see the seam is in the front of the helmet! Also take note of the CORK buffers. You won't see cork on a combat helmet. The decal is also obvious reproduction, as the arms of the swastika are too thin. Don't worry though...these are all things that we had to learn (many of us the hard,EXPENSIVE way). The shell looks good though, so at least you've got yourself a decent helmet for display or for playing around with. We are so fortunate to have this and other forums to help eachother out, because when I started collecting in the 1970's, there was no such thing, and a collector was pretty much on his own. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

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    Default Re: German Helmet

    Thanks so much, for the help in here, it's sad it was a copy, but I'm glad to know it now so I dont runing around and think it the real deal.

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    Default Re: German Helmet

    One more question?
    What shell is this M what? And what kind of liner shell I get for it so it can be right again?


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    Default Re: German Helmet

    The helmet shell is an "M40".

    You need a M31 liner for it.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: German Helmet

    Thanks for the informations

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    Default Re: German Helmet

    I found somthing els, when Dimas toalt me it had Feuerwehr linen inside and said it looked repainted, I took it apart and they were right ofcurse ;D I'm not a expert but I think its has ben a firehelmet after the war, the chin starps holdes is sitting on the helmet not on the linen, it must have ben don after the war??? or? and then repainted and sold as a elite ss helmet! FAKE all the way glad I haven't payed anything for it, there is only one thing it still a M40 shell ;D

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