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Goodwill find

Article about: This i would say is the rarest find I have ever found at a Goodwill ..A 1953 dated U.S.M.C "mitchell" pattern shelter half ..and the price you ask? \\$ 2.99 before the Saturday half

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    I think the image is up now but honestly I have no idea how I even got it to work. I was originally trying to start a new post to ask about this tunic and couldn;t figure out how to do that, I'll tell ya I excell at a few things but when it comes to these blasted computers and directions to use them I feel like banging my head on the wall.
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    Its a musicians tunic of some sort..I have seen one before but can't place it

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    Well I doubt it;s musicians as it came with other non musician military items of that period and some newer military stuff as well as one colonial item . I found similar tunics with more insignia and varying shoulder boards but all are national guard . These are some close but I have yet to find this exact one:

    look at the grey tunic

    similar here also

    another similar

    Genrally band tunics that I have repaired don;t use this grade of bullion and fabric and the lining seems to be linnen which is really odd. If you could specify a specific band uniform I could reference I would be more apt to believe it might be that. In this time period almost every country used a variation of this style. I like Hungarian stuff and it reminds me of an Atilla tunic from that same time period.

    I think and I could be wrong this is a massachusetts national guard dress tunic . But thus far no one can zero in on exactly what it is where I can reference a matching picture. The pockets in the tails are what is really strange as I see no application for those band , military, or otherwise so this thing is quite an enigma to me. Also there is wear on the tails as it it was used perhaps on a calvery unit where someone sat on it with friction as a saddle might. The buttons on it a dealer offered me 80.00 each for four but he also had no clue what this thing actually is. The buttons though are common military for like guard units as I can identify those since they have a maker and patent date. If anyone can come up with an exact picture of this thing I really would be much oblidged.

    But thank you very much for your input
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    I also forgot to mention there is a name in it Lt. C. Barrett I would think Lt is lieutenant ????

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