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I need some advice here...

Article about: At first read, I would have suggested you were Trespassing and Stealing ! - Also known as 'B&E' or 'Break And Enter' ............. ! But, if you actually have written permission from the

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    Default I need some advice here...

    So I have a really good feeling about this pre-war built abandoned house, a walking distance of my home. And it has an attic LOADED with items (the hatch accessable downstairs is blocked with wooden boxes above, so entry inside the attic is really hard, through a broken window around 3 meters off the ground. That is not the issue here, but the fact that one of my hobbies, along with collecting militaria, is urban exploration. I dont know if you have ever heard about if, but it is basically entering abandoned buildings ranging from small homes to huge factories, photographing whats inside. And as an urban explorer, just like all of us, I respect abandoned buildings as love filled homes of long gone people. We do not break anything (I dont really need to break anything to get to the attic as the window is big enough for me to fit through, already broken as it is), leave only footprints, take only pictures. <--- THAT is my problem there, because I suspect there might be something interesting there as a collector, but I cant really get myself to take it as an urban explorer, so guys, help me out a little? What should I do?

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    If your asking if its ok to steal I would say no. Do it the right way find out who owns the property and see if you can get permission to enter and search the property . Gary

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    Thanks for the answer!
    That is not a problem since I have the issue sorted out with the grandson of the original owner (died 1975) and he said that he does not want anything to do with the house, as it is crumbling to pieces and he has more interest in his fields all around the house. It is more of a problem to myself, as I dont really feel comfortable digging around the attic of an abandoned house, especially because of its bloody history.

    EDIT: I have explored the house several times before, with the owners permit, of course

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    I say then if you have it sorted out go for it. If their is any WWII items in the house you should save them or any thing else with a historical past. It would to me be better to save the items don't let them rot .

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    Default Re: I need some advice here...

    Hmmm... all right, I'll probably go have a look around this week.. Oh! And my M1 with an ERDL cover will arrive tomorrow, looking forward to it

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    Default Re: I need some advice here...

    I look around abandoned houses and barns whenever I can but the only time I found anything military related was a 1943 dated gas can (i've showed it on here). Goodluck on the search my friend

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    Default Re: I need some advice here...

    Thanks guys, I've explored alot of buildings on days and on nights, but I still feel like going there when theres as much sunlight as possible, with a flashlight, because of the history of the house. The wife of the original owner was shot by her grandson in 1976, and as her husband had already died of old age in 1975, the house was abandoned completely.

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    Default Re: I need some advice here...

    This doesn't smell right to me somehow....You appear to have 'modified' your story from the first post. I'd have thought that the owner may have some interest at what is in this house if it could be considered as collectable, and therefore of some possible value.

    Furthemore, would you care to elaborate on this dwellings 'Bloody History', what's all that about then?

    Finally, I would advise that you have written permission before you consider removing anything from the property, no matter how anxiously you have wrestled with this on your conscience as whether to take it or leave alone. You only need the Finnish version of Tony Martin to be there and it could be Cooper's Ducks for you my friend.


    Edit: Forget the 'Bloody History' bit, I see you've explained it since I've been replying.
    'I do not think we can hope for any better thing now.
    We shall stick it out to the end, but we are getting weaker of course, and the end cannot be far.
    It seems a pity, but I do not think I can write more. R. SCOTT.
    Last Entry - For God's sake look after our people.'

    In memory of Capt. Robert Falcon Scott, Edward Wilson, Henry Bowers, Lawrence Oates and Edgar Evans. South Pole Expedition, 30th March 1912.

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    Default Re: I need some advice here...

    I already stated that he has no interest in the building whatsoever as he only sees it as an crumbling wooden structure in the middle of his fields. I also said that I have explored the house with his permission several times before. If I even find anything of interest in the attic when I go look around there, I consider the items as his property, and I will talk to him about them and see what he thinks.

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    I dont see this as a problem, your trying to wear two hats at the same time, when, if you think about it, as a "urban explorer" you record features of the building and the items there, as a collector your main aim is to preserve the history of items, therefore provided you have permission and the owner has no interest in the building or property within, do both, once you have recorded the features the items should be removed. If there are military items that can be saved and added to your collection tell the owner what you have done, by all accounts it sounds that there should be no problems

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