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Items from Grandfather given to me in Poland

Article about: Hello. Well first off to explain how i got these items... I'm Polish, i myself live in Canada but my entire family still resides in Poland. I was over for a visit in August and my father gav

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    I really hope that the ring you're going to show the forum is a good one!

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    Well this all seems like a fishing trip to me , and I feel like so many who have come before you , you'll never be heard from again . Back into the recesses of the internet you'll go . I hope I'm wrong , I'd love your ring to be real , but if the selection of 1970's Biker magazine fakes you've shown so far is any clue . It's junk with a big SS stamp inside . Prove me wrong .

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    sad that the items are was a great story

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    Dont leave us here now

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    If you do come back Polishjake with pic's of your ring. This would be the correct section of the forum to post them.

    Looking forward to your pic's

    Semper Fi

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    Gone like a Fart in the Wind , beware he may be back with better bait next time .

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