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Article about: So... it's been a while since my last post. Here's something for your attention; any ideas from what this could be?

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    Hi Adi, the gun muzzle brake is wonderful! I love it. I would guess from a 75mm gun? I would not call it junk. Have you bought it?

    The spare barrel is for an MG. Compare this to an MG34 or MG42 barrel.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Hi Ade,

    I was thinking that it is from a PAK. How much should I pay for it?

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    Hi Adi, I don't really know a value, as it is not something you see for sale everyday but I think it would be worth about $250 at a show.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    More junks.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SP_A8660.jpg   SP_A8658.jpg  

    SP_A8655.jpg   SP_A8649.jpg  


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    Wow !

    Some nice stuff you got there ! The three pictures of the same item show a muzzle brake off a large calibre weapon, possibly an 88mm.

    The top two photos also look like an item off a tank. Viewing ports maybe ? Or possibly flare 'chutes'. Not sure

    I love the 'Jerry' cans as well in the latest photo

    Steve T

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    Impressive indeed!
    The canteen looks like the ww2 romanian type, enameled. It resembles the austro-hungarian ones and the cup as well as the cork are missing.
    The difference was that the cup was not inserted at the bottom (like the AH ones) having the same "diameter" as the canteen's body. It stood turned over the canteen's neck, strapped with a small leather stripe.

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    Steve, I'm desperately trying to find out the exact nature of this muzzle. This Moldavian chum of mine, said he could even find toilet paper used by the Germans...

    Thanks for your info, andy. Do you have any pictures of a complet one?

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    Here is some pictures of mine. The cork is missing due to restoration. As far as I know, these canteens had no markings whatsoever. The cup is similar to the german ones, with the two folding handles.
    I think that you have an imperial russian entrenching tool in those pics. Check the blade for markings...
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture cc 219.jpg   cc 220.jpg  

    cc 221.jpg  

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    Thanks, andy.

    There's no need to look for markings, that shovel sure looks Russian.

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    Ok in my humble opinion the canteen posted by adi and the one posted by Andy are very different at least that's what my eyes are telling me.

    The first one posted by adi is 100% of Romanian manufacture used in WWII. It's mostly complete obviously missing the crock and the hook that was used to attach it to the belt.

    The one posted by Andy is most probably post WWII manufacture (I have never seen it in WWII photos) also the one Andy has is missing the felt covering the canteen and the leather strap.

    You can see more on the subject here: Forum -> Romanian kitchen equipment

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