As a relic german helmet collecter there is something magical about where long lost and forgotten items are found, and see the light of day, and end up in a collection.we have all heard about the barn finds .lets say half of them are true,then maybe a german unit where in retreat and left items after taking shelter in the barn.another great place is old attics where long forgotten helmets are found after a vet sadly dies.i got a lovely m35 like that covered in years of dust, and little cobwebs and dead flies in side,it remained the same in my collection.i have two german and one russian helmets out of poland ,apparently the german unit was surrounded and destroyed by the russians and theses helmets and the story emerged out of that same village years later.have you any favourite types of area you like to hear of new finds? i have a quist m40,50% remains of army decal apparently found in the cellar of a ruined buildings with hundreds of others,in stalingrad.the ones lower down where apparently squashed.i have no firm evidence of this,except that which the seller told me.i had bought 6 relics off him over time and this is the only one that had any provinence, but if true ,then a facinating item.