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Mauser fence

Article about: I saw something similar with parts from a Junker incorporated into a house, somewhere in Greece I think, none the less it was really interesting to see how people had a use for everything.

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    Default Mauser fence

    Mauser fence near Knin in Croatia. There is one Pf and MG barrel

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    Cool fence! I would have loved to have seen it when it was new.

    Happiness is a belt fed weapon

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    How odd, is this type of thing common over there? I wouldn't mind something like this in my garden

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    hehe,not usual,it is one willage in zapizdina.
    I think those was burned rifles
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    Very unique.

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    I seem to remember that the Duke of Cumberland did the same and made a fence out of the captured jacobite swords following Culloden. I believe that a section of it is still in existance.

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    Great example of recycling from almost 70 years ago.........!


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    Please upload the pics to the forum. Thanks.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Quote by Markom View Post
    hehe,not usual,it is one willage in zapizdina.
    I think those was burned rifles
    Zapizdina is the same like bogu za leđima?

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    yes heheheh

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