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My 1944 British Airborne trailer

Article about: Hi Guys, this trailer was found on a farm in Scotland in 1993. I bought it. This is my trailers known history. The trailer that you see before you was especially designed for use by the Airb

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    Default Re: My 1944 British Airborne trailer

    The line up.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture AB3Trailersrearview.jpg   AB3Tralersrearview.jpg  

    AB4Trailersfrontview.jpg   AB5trailersfrontview.jpg  

    AB5Trailersrearview.jpg   AB8trailersfrontview.jpg  


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    Default Re: My 1944 British Airborne trailer

    Hi Guys, please take a look back at the previous few posts from Staff (Louis). He had problems uploading his pics. I have now added the pics to his posts from last month. Once the kitchen trailer pics are done, I will add those too.

    Louis has also sent me these extra pics which show his Airborne Compressor trailer and his Airborne No2, Mark I trailer.

    A most impressive line up of some rare kit. Well done!

    Cheers, Ade.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture ABCompressor1.jpg   ABCompressor3.jpg  

    ABCompressor5.jpg   ABCompressor7.jpg  

    ABNo2Mk1GS1.jpg   ABNo2Mk1GS3.jpg  

    ABNo2Mk1GS5.jpg   ABNo2Mk1GS7.jpg  

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    Just joined today. On reading through all the material, I can across the posting No. 167 of 'Staff' on the L/W trailer based field kitchen.
    The applied censusnumber (vehicle registration) on the restored trailer seems to be from a small block (200 numbers: 6245264 to and including 6245463); this block was originally allocated to ex RAF and Admiralty vehicles: Various Lorry, 6-ton 6x4 crane turntable.
    This entry comes from a Central Ordnance Depot Chilwell publication. When I got the photocopied Original to the Chilwell listings of B vehicles census numbers, I retyped them all, but not everything was too clear. In the reproduction that I offer for sale, this is clearly stated. I may have misread some of the entries to some extent, or even made typing errors, but I do not think that I mixed up two different entries as to quote the trailer as various lorry.
    But then again, in the original copy some clerk may have gotten it wrong, or in one amendment or another (Speaking of amendments: the Beverley museum had an amenmdment on issued census numbers, but the very moment I asked about a photocopy, it went out of sight) the entry may have been revised.
    I would be interested in any more information on censusnumbers, even if it contradicts my listing.

    On the actual field kitchen: if it was to be manufactured as such purposely in the UK from new, why use the field cooker No. 3 and the field oven No. 3, and built two of those into the rear end of a kitchen unit.. In its guise with the two chimneys, the adjustment of the through- way of the double walled oven must be replaced by some contraption accesible when in use?
    Would it be plausible that such a trailer was built eg. Corps REME workshop or similar to supplement the large unit's cooking facilities and the platoon /section No. 2 field cookers, by a easily transportable and readily operatable improvisation?

    Of course I do not mean offence to any of my learned brethern.

    And one last question: is the reprint of the manual that was going to be available still for sale, I surely would like to get a copy too.

    Oops autocorrect doies not let me type LW for Light Weight, but "corrects"this into Luftwaffe.
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    Default trailer floor

    Just I have posted pictures of my original trailer floor and here are the dimension.
    Is the manual on the marked? I would like one.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	floor dimension.jpg 
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Size:	41.3 KB 
ID:	623761

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    Hi Rob, nice to see you here! Your old photocopy of the Chilwell list came from me.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Hi Rob
    All the Airborne trailers where designed by REME at Amesbury Airborne Equipment Development Workshops. the basic trailers where made by various engineering firms and fitted out with equipment such as lathes, compressors. gennies etc at Old Derby REME Airborne Central Workshops.
    Both Richard Farrant (Ex 43 Workshops REME) and I (Retired tiffy weapons REME) have researched these trailers via the Corps Musuem and sources like Rob V Meels excellent book on the subject so we and other forum members have collected a lot of info. The HMVF site has also a thread on REME trailers so take your pick. As for this trailer being built up by some REME unit? Unit modifications are controlled, such a radical change would be picked up on the periodical REME inspections and would be deemed to be an "Illeagle mod " and heads would roll. As Airborne troops where landed at Arnhem with 2 "24"hour ration packs, my father included one wonders what use a "cooks trailer would be, but then with 40 years military service of one kind or another what would I know!!

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    Default Airborne Field Kitchen Trailer

    Hi WDRob, interesting to see your research about the census number on my field kitchen but I can asure you the number is 100% correct as it was taken from the trailer when in was discovered in Breda. I have over the years researched all sorts of information pertaining to the airborne configuered trailers and have found lots of discrepencies concerning census numbers. I have eveidence for example that a number issued for a "Z" Type trailer should have been issued to GS Trailer. The "X" number on my trailer according to information I have came from a block of numbers reserved for special use, however it doesn't state what exactly, so I would be interested to see your info if possible. It could well be that these numbers were originally destined for lorry use but were subsequently transfered, it could be that these were intended for "L" or "H" vehicles and not "X". There were several Types that are not listed including a house body, mobile pigeon loft and a mobile gantry for fitting engines in to 3 ton lorries. A picture I have of the Gantry has an over head "I" beam with block & tackle plus small retractable catipilar tracks on arms that are deployed from the rear of the trailer and when in use would have gone under the vehicle to counter balance the weight of the load. I have gone through all sorts of sources to try and find information on the field kitchen but have only come across supposition and guess work which although helps still doesn't resolve the mystery. The only thing I can confirm is that there were two originally and we restored one out of the parts we had and kept anything that was salvageable for other projects. This trailer has aways been a talking point and I would be very interested to hear from any one who has any info what so ever. One last thing we had to guess at the time what the tilt frame looked like and based our guess on the brackets mounted on the side which were four per side, however we are not sure if they were originally there as on the other trailer there were only two, one at each end. Having now researched a bit more and with resorations of other types completed and new info come to light we feel that the tilt frame in all probability would be similar if not identicle to that used on the Electrical & Mechanical repair trailers and will be bring this into line when we can.

    Many thanks, Louis (Staff)

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    Hi Tiffy, Thought I would just add that someone military built it, the census number was under yellow paint, the bit of history I got with it when I bought it from the Lady that owned it was her scout group had bought it from a road gang and that's really all I know. As to the use of this trailer the people that I've consulted including REME sources at both Arborfield and Borden seam to be of the mind that it probably went with the sea born element and was probably used in a rear echelon for a medical evac facility, hostpital or regimental HQ area.

    Just because we don't have pictures to verify it doesn't mean it wasn't used. How many combat pictures do you have of say the Welder, 5kw Geny, Compressor, Water Bowser, Z Type, Stores, Mech or Elec repair trailers?

    I'm assuming the gantry trailer must be listed somewhere as well but I'm at a loss perhaps you can help as it was pictured in a REME publication? Also the house type which I also have a picture of in Europe somewhere on the back of a Jeep?

    If history has tought us anything about the british army record system it's not infalible

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    Does anybody have a clue as to the manufacturer of this 10cwt GS trailer? Unfortunately the data plate has long gone but it was low down on the side of the neck - if that's another identifying feature

    It has cast springhangers, the "girder and tube" type towing hitch, pins, rather than screws, for the support legs and the brackets for the two handles on the neck have a curved, rather than angled edge.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_1649.jpg 
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ID:	658763

    A possible census number would be helpful



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    I have only just come onto this site and have restored a few British trailers including a Lightweight GS, 4.2" Mortar and almost finished a Lightweight Compressor trailer. The latter is almost there but I am having problems getting the Austin 10 engine to fire. I think that the problem may be the condenser in the magneto but we will persevere. However I am wondering how many more of these trailers are out there. There seems to be so little information regarding their use either in wartime or post war. I have posted my trailer restorations on HMVF so have contacted most of the 'trailer anoraks' but hopefully this Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_9322.jpg 
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Size:	231.6 KB 
ID:	985841Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2016-01-17 15.36.54.jpg 
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Size:	212.9 KB 
ID:	985842Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2015-11-24 13.52.29.jpg 
Views:	0 
Size:	212.0 KB 
ID:	985843forum will spread the net wider.

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