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My Vacation Finds

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    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture My Vacation Finds   My Vacation Finds  

    My Vacation Finds  

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    Quote by Ingrid Patrouille View Post
    50 euros for a rare motorcycle?!? WOW!!!
    A bargain! Watch out for those 'taillight'-thieves.


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    Due to current financial conditions the British army wants its jerrican back, that will make a pair that the army has then. Rumours are that motorcycles were once made in the U.K, the industry ended up pretty much the same as Portugals.

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    Quote by kc1 View Post
    Due to current financial conditions the British army wants its jerrican back, that will make a pair that the army has then. Rumours are that motorcycles were once made in the U.K, the industry ended up pretty much the same as Portugals.
    The british army wants its jerrycans back? They cant have myne, its myne and myne alone

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    Any one else thinks it looks like a BSA Bantam? Even the tank badges shout BSA!

    Any ways, I've got a few vintage Bikes (Well about 14) and I reckon this one is a prime candidate for a oily rag restoration. I'd simply get it running, and then keep it well oiled (WD40 will bring up the chrome better) to protect it. It looks to be in original and complete condition and if they are that rare, its probably worth more in its original state. Deffinatly worth thinking about. Clean it up as is, lots of WD and elbow grease (Thats a British term for a good work out) and see how it looks to you, if you like, you keep, if you dont, then you havn't lost anything and you can restore it.

    p.s. very nice find by the way.

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    Quote by m3bobby View Post
    Any one else thinks it looks like a BSA Bantam? Even the tank badges shout BSA!

    Any ways, I've got a few vintage Bikes (Well about 14) and I reckon this one is a prime candidate for a oily rag restoration. I'd simply get it running, and then keep it well oiled (WD40 will bring up the chrome better) to protect it. It looks to be in original and complete condition and if they are that rare, its probably worth more in its original state. Deffinatly worth thinking about. Clean it up as is, lots of WD and elbow grease (Thats a British term for a good work out) and see how it looks to you, if you like, you keep, if you dont, then you havn't lost anything and you can restore it.

    p.s. very nice find by the way.
    It is in a original and complete condition, thanks for the help. I wil post some information about the company that build these.

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    The Casal Metallurgy was the largest Portuguese company in the sector of two wheels. No other company has managed to have the production capacity and number of units sold the Casal Metallurgy.

    No other national company managed to produce scooters, motorcycles, engines and agricultural implements on a grand scale and with an engine-house production.

    It was initially governed by the model of German Zundapp, using and imitating what this company was well done, the Casal managed to stand out from the Zundapp and all national companies, becoming a respected brand both in domestic market as the market external.

    The Metallurgy Casal owed ​​its name to its founder, John Young, and he inherited all the entrepreneurial spirit.

    Joćo Francisco do Casal was born in 1922 in Aveiro. After leaving the studies was to work for the railways in weight of the Ruler. In 1945, at the invitation of Antonio marabout, he founded a trading company of grocery stores. He later left that company and founded another branch of the same. It was through these companies that John couple traveled regularly to Germany in an effort to export food products. Was it that these trips have been exposed to the enormous German motorcycle industry and automobile. Perhaps it was this contact with the German industry that John Young had the idea to build a motorized company in Portugal.

    50 Years:

    In 1953, the Portuguese government seeks approval to undertake the assembly of motorcycles with engine Zundapp, but thanks to the enormous pressure exerted by Famel and Vilar, the request is denied.

    In 1954, John Young, visit the Hanover Fair and contacts with the brand Zundapp. The Zundapp was interested in finding a representative in Portugal to sell its line of products ranging from motorcycles to the irrigation pumps, through the sewing machines, among others.

    Through its multifaceted firm, J. Casal, stoves and balances that matter, among others, John the couple started selling motorcycles Zundapp.

    In 1957, obtain a license to represent the Zundapp engine for Portugal.

    In 1959, John Young, tries to create a bicycle factory with the latest technology, but the project failed.

    60 Years

    In 1961, John Young, two brothers and a cousin founded the Young Brothers and Company (later the couple Vehicles).

    This firm creates Motosal. The charts on the purchase Motosal Vilar and assembles them with Zundapp engine sold by J. Mature.

    In 1962, in 1953 after being denied a license for the production of motorcycles, John Mature gets a permit to build a motorbike repair shop with oxyacetylene welding station.

    In this workshop, assembles, sells and repairs Zundapp engines, which were dismantled to facilitate their importation. In addition, it builds some (few) components for these engines.

    To sell their products, John Mature create a distribution system which distributes all of the country.

    In 1963, John tries to get over a couple charter.

    It seems that after having seen the request for installation of motorized denied, John tries to couple one step at a time, through winning the sympathy and respect of governments to formulate an appropriate time to again request the establishment of a factory of motorcycles.

    This time ask for a permit to build a factory of carrectos engine.

    Almost all national factories motorcycles, protesting against the request, saying that another competitor would put into question the existing plants.

    They protested at the time firms: Famel; Chimera Soul; Pachancho; Miralago and Rufino de Almeida.

    Pressured by the firms described above, the Portuguese government invoking the colonial war, says John Young would start to be difficult to grant import licenses, and therefore would be very difficult to import motor Zundapp.

    The Portuguese government has now launched a challenge to John Young. Why not build their own engines? No more problems with the import licenses and let you send to Germany major currencies, resulting from the importation of engines.

    However, John Young, had a different idea from the Portuguese government.

    Intends to build up Zundapp 250cc engines under license, with most of the parts to be produced in Portugal and the rest to come from Germany, that the first two years.

    After these two years, the engines should be totally produced in Portugal.

    Despite the protest of all other firms motorized, John couple finally gets the building permit for up to 250cc engines.

    However, Zundapp also had different ideas of the Portuguese government and John Young.

    Intended to continue to give licenses to import engines for Portugal.

    Given this will only give the Zundapp on import licensing, John Young, remembers with help from the Portuguese government to nationalize the Zundapp engine.

    The Zundapp before this scene, cut relations with the Metallurgy couple, and becomes the new representative Famel your engine to Portugal, making John the couple lost all possibilities to nationalize the Zundapp engine.

    With one stone, John Young, was no engine to produce and earned a respectable domestic competitor, the Famel, who had changed engines and DKW JLO by better Zundapp engine.

    Although indicating that, and a stroke of luck, not all was lost.

    Engineer Robert Erich Zipprich, Zundapp technical director, had always had a good relationship with John Young from the time that it represented the Zundapp engine for Portugal, does not conform to the attribution of the import engine to Famel Zundapp. For this reason, leaves the Zundapp and Portugal to come to work for the couple.

    In 1965 it increased the company's share capital in order to start producing engines couple.

    The firm is a capital of 6,000 escudos (30,000 euros) to 30,000 escudos (150,000 euros).

    In June 1966 starts the production of motor couple and some months later also begins production of the scooter Carina (inspired by the Zundapp R50).

    This scooter has a nixo meet the market's low cylinder scooter.

    Remember that this time there were many manufacturers of scooter, but almost all of produced scooter over 125cc.

    Among these manufacturers, with its Vespa Piaggio, the mark was always more cherished by the public.

    In 1967 are released M151 and M148 engines, motorized and K160.

    Studies began to produce new engines and motorbikes.

    It was also this year that began contacts to export to the African continent prdutos (Portuguese overseas peninsulas), continental Europe (Holland and Denmark)

    The metallurgy would be exposed at the fairs of Milan and Juanesburgo

    In 1968 it launched the bike and motorized agricultural sprayer K163.

    In December 1969, the motorized K181, which had as its main asset structure than cast in lightweight aluminum alloy.

    Are shown prototypes of automatic 50cc engine, 75cc and 150cc.

    The company begins to compete with Famel and Vilar, the market for the production of aluminum wheels for motorcycles.

    70 Years:

    In 1970 is presented in March at the Fair In Aveiro, the K260, a 125cc bike that is put on sale in 1972.

    In 1972 feels a little small signs of a downturn in profits in the company due to wage increases for employees and increase in raw materials.

    The competition for small builders who were able to produce cheaper and sell cheaper in consequence, have aggravated the problems of Metallurgy Casal.

    Other factors were the increased competition from foreign sources of engines and the obligation of helmet use.

    Perhaps to counter the losses caused by small builders, and able to play with equal weapons, Metallurgy Casal buys stakes in smaller makers such as Founder (Sangalhos) and foreshore (Moorish Vouga).

    In 1972, it signed a protocol to create a Casal Metallurgy factory in Angola.

    This factory would be equipped to meet the production of motorcycles, as well as die-casting aluminum locks, doors, motorized hubs, among other products.

    We also tried to enter the Mozambican market, but only as a supplier of complete engines Bikes Factory in Mozambique, which would be mounted in frames of their own making, and are supervised by senior staff of Metallurgy couple.

    The Angolan project, never gave the profit because, due to the war that devastated the country.

    The Mozambican project never saw the light of day.

    In 1973, they put on sale a Casal K270 125. To ensure its reliability, a test was carried out on the road with a duration of 15 000 km in 48 days, which were crossed in the following countries:

    Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Holland and Belgium.

    Also in 1973, Holland, Denmark and the United States become good markets for export of couple.

    In 1974, the Official Motor, transcribes a test done by a team of French, who were thrilled with the K187S powered by comparing their performance to a 125cc motorcycle.

    Post April 25:

    The fall of the fascist regime ruled at the time by Marcelo Caetano, is very harmful to the Casal Metallurgy and other national industries motorbikes.

    With the fall of the aforementioned fascist regime, just to domestic protectionism, and Portugal is invaded by the most beautiful models, technologically more advanced and cheaper for Japanese manufacturers.

    Having already ruined the British market from two wheels, thanks to the points already mentioned above and also the techniques dunpping government-sponsored Japanese, Japanese manufacturers would spare ours as well.

    The Dunping was that Japanese manufacturers sell their products in Europe below production cost. The prejudice and profit from mark were paid by the Japanese government.

    When you implement in Europe, low prices would be increased gradually.

    The very political instability at the time they lived with post April 25, although it was hardly felt, also helped undermine the firm.

    The price rises of raw materials and wages as well.

    The products of Metallurgy Casal are losing competitiveness.

    80 Years:

    The 80 should have been restructuring the company.

    On entry into the EEC in 1986, the economic power of the Portuguese increases, and the motorized head of the family is leaning instead of the garage to make room for cars.

    Although this process has begun to show up already in the late 70's entry into the EEC has allowed a better quality of life for many families and this phenomenon of change of the motor car was more evident.

    This exchange is understandable because the car is safer, carries more people and protects them from rain.

    The motor began to be the means of transport chosen by young people.

    Models inspired by the competition, such as the Honda NSR 50cc and 125cc, among others, took the youth to behold.

    These models were very different models of the aged Casal, and sales were falling.

    Highlighting the launch of the K276 couple, an Enduro 125cc motorcycle, beautiful lines. It sold enough to CTT.

    90 Years:

    In the 90s, Metallurgy Casal continued with the same model line-aged, despite the slight change trial, held at the cast to these two models: the Magnum Mature couple and Arizona.

    We had then the following models for sale to the public:

    Mature Boss Super Boss and K168, this model was an authentic champion of sales, production for nearly 20 years, managing to assume various roles and services.

    Since the motorcycle that took the worker to employment, the motorcycle that took the youngster to school, the working partner of the postman, until the vehicle's delivery of pizzas. It has always been much loved and almost all Portuguese can say that has guided one.

    Casal K181, a motorized design quite outdated;

    Mature Crossit K500, an auto trail with 2cv power;

    Mature RZ50 K554, a motorized little focused on young people, with many similarities to the Macal M83. The letters RZ, probably would be the initials of the German engineer Robert Ziprich, so it should be a tribute to the deceased engineer, who did so much for Metallurgy Casal.

    Casal K556 Magnum, a motorcycle very well achieved. Beautiful, with a design quite young and fresh, powerful, 5 speed 7500rpm and 7.5cv ace.

    Wolf was inspired by Suzuki (at the time the couple company vehicles, was the importer of motorcycles and mopeds Suzuki), a motorcycle without a great "personality", but the Casal managed to play so much more interesting.

    K558 Arizona Casal, a trail with a very stylized. It was an interesting idea, because the motor could walk in both asphalt and on dirt tracks.

    Although we noted that in 1996 the Casal Metallurgy was to buy Antonio Pinto, the draft of a motor that would become known as AJP Galp 50.

    Everything was routed to the purchase of the project by the Metallurgy Casal, but the purchase never came to pass.

    However, the company's difficulties have been continuing since the 80s. The Casal`s sales continued to fall and the losses to increase.

    On 21 October 1993 gives a strike by workers because of wages in arrears.

    On September 18, 1995, prompted by a strike over wage arrears.

    On 18 and 24 January 1996 to give another strike, this time claiming more than four months of salary arrears.

    The Metallurgy casal was walking in slow agony until 1999.

    In January 1999, there is a group of investors consisting of Manuel Magalhaes, Paulo Barros Vale, Rui Faria (couple) and three sisters Cunha (Famel), which together with the support of IAPMEI, decide to put a design to save couple the Famel and Founder.

    The project consisted of fusing the three companies. The Casal produce engines, Famel produce motorcycles, Founder and in turn, would devote himself to the production of components.

    One of the models to produce, would be very interesting Famel Electron, a prototype electric scooter made by Famel in partnership with Efacec.

    This exciting project would employ 230 people, 300 against the three factories owned. Also would end up with the eternal rivalry between domestic firms and the consequent internal competition, making everyone rowing in the same direction.

    In February 2000, the Casal Metallurgy closes its doors due to judicial delivery of its facilities to the multinational Carrefour, as the land of Metallurgy Casal had been sold for 1 million Tales (5 million) in May 1998 and the deadline Delivery of the premises was over you enough time.

    In March 2000 the merger of these three companies is threatened by the workers of Famel that the court of Agueda, require the bankruptcy of the company, claiming 9,000 escudos (45,000 Euros) credits.

    In May 2000, comes the news that a group of lenders would have recourse to the courts to require the failure of the couple.

    In addition, interested private parties on the proposed merger of the companies, begin to lose interest in the project, allegedly by the Portuguese State is changing the rules of acquiring these companies. According to this group of private investors, the new model for the acquisition of three companies motorized proposed by the State, would be extremely detrimental to this group of investors, and could even call into question the survival of Holding brands of motorcycles.

    In September 2000, the news appears almost certain that the two wheels of industry would be saved, thanks to approval by the Holding IAPMEI between couple and Founder. The Famel would be out of the holding company due to be facing a bankruptcy proceeding filed by the company workers.

    There is a new name for a private investor in Holding. This new investor would be Masac, acting company in the sector.

    They get to know more details of the Holding.

    The Masac assume leadership of the project. The funds invested by private (Masac, Nuno Figueiredo and Manuel Magalhćes), would amount to 700 million escudos (3 million 500 thousand Euros). IAPMEI invest 500 000 Tales (2 million 500 thousand Euros), and the couple's assets would amount to Metalugia 1 million and 200 thousand tales (6 Million Euros).

    In December 2000, Alpor puts an action contesting the sale of land the couple will Metallurgy French firm Carrefour, ensuring that there would sure be repaid the debts undertaken by the Metallurgy couple.

    In addition, there is the rumor that the land sale of the multinational Carrefour Metallurgy couple, it would not bid because it was speculated that the land had been sold far below its real value.

    Remember that the land was sold in 1998 for 1 million Tales (5 million), and it was estimated that the land would be worth 3 million Tales (15 million Euros.

    In February 2001, Addemoto AB, a Swedish firm that all the imported to this country about 8,000 motorized couple, try contacting Metallurgy Casal in order to import spare parts.

    To pay their debts to creditors, and put on sale the movable property of the couple (machinery, vehicles, office equipment, etc ...)

    In March 2001 is disclosed in the interest of Masac buy the assets of Metallurgy Mature Tales by 160,000 (798,000 Euros). Despite this interest, the purchase never came to realize because of Masac never flagged the purchase of immovable furniture.

    According to Manuel Magalhaes, the purchase did not come to realize that the assets of Metallurgy are incomplete, lacking the shares of companies in metallurgy in Angola, Macau and the United States of America, beyond the promise of contract of purchase and sale of land for deploy the new business premises, between the Authority and Metallurgy couple Aveirense. In addition, there were also included an important set of molds and machines.

    In September 2001, the multinational Carrefour purchased the assets of Metallurgy Mature Tales by 90,000 (450,000 Euros), so they can destroy what remained of the company building and construct a set of medium-sized surfaces there. The goods of Metallurgy Casal are however sold to a scrap dealer.

    In April 2002, the Municipality of Aveiro, sells a ground for those interested in the recovery of Metallurgy couple, they can install a new plant and start producing motorcycles and accessories.

    Surge still is news of the destruction of the Archives of Metallurgy Mature by the Carrefour. Send to destroy the building where the couple were the file was lost just one important testumunho a company that marked the country. Projects motorcycles produced, or prototypes that never went to production, such as the design of the car couple or the design of engine No. 2 who beat a world record for speed, among others, until the chips officials, have been will lost all the estate and retained for 40 years.

    In March 2004, back to light the flame of hope. A surge in Jornal de Noticias news to account for the exchange of pennants between the Mayor of Aveiro, couple of former employees and new investors interested in the Casal.

    Former officials of Metallurgy Casal, as well as new investors interested in the couple (Nuno Figueiredo, Armenian Lima Neto Jasmine and Founder), accuse the Municipality of bad faith, since he sold the land promised to install the new Casal Metallurgy Factory to Vulcan.

    The former workers of the Casal feel that this is the last opportunity to regain their jobs, since they are running out unemployment benefits and will be very difficult to get jobs because of their age.

    The new plant will employ approximately 70 former employees of the Casal.

    On the other side of the barricade, the Mayor of Aveiro, Alberto Souto Miranda, that the project does not exist, and who are taking advantage of the good faith of the former employees of the Casal.

    What is certain is that there are no patterns or machines to produce motorcycles, as they unfortunately have been sold to a scrap dealer. How and what would produce the new plant of Metallurgy Casal?

    You are then told about the history of the largest manufacturer of scooters and motorbikes national, who despite having had great fame in Portugal and have been respected abroad, he spared him the fact that it broke with nearly 2.8 million tales of prejudice (14 million), including banking, insurance and suppliers, and have been cleaned up in every way possible, and they even lost his file that had been stored for 40 years. Very little respect for a company that gave so much to Portugal ......
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    The Casal factory
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture My Vacation Finds  

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    this thing of yours is so strikingly similar to bulgarian made balkan 50cc moped, product of pretty much the same period-1970s...
    RETRO - mr_green

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