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Mystery Swastika & Eagle pendant found in my Dad's home, origin unknown.

Article about: My father passed away last week, and while we were cleaning up his home this weekend we found a large bejeweled swastika pendant that I remember seeing once as a small child. I know nothing

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    I agree Phil about cleaning the burn from soldering, but maybe the person that made this was looking at the burn as a way to make the eagle stand out more. Who knows??? Wonder if the swastika is silver or nickel silver. Could have it tested at a jewelers! Bob

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    Any more opinions on this one?
    Very interesting piece and how it ended up at your fathers house.

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    First let me say that I'm sorry to hear of the loss of your father. But the piece you have shown looks to me as though it is something cobbled together from two parts. The chain doesn't appear to be anything of quality, and it all has a look of something that a biker might have worn. No offence meant, but that really is how I see it.
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    I agree with Harry's assessment, I think somebody put this together because they liked the look of it and I think Biker origin is possible.

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    Perhaps a photo of the back of this item might help matters as far as the discolouration & construction is concerned.

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    The fleur de lys and swastika are on boy scout badges, this page show one with an eagle however, it looks like the stars and stripes in the shield Swastikas in Scouting

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    I like your line of reasoning Tony.
    Makes more sense than it being an out n out fake.
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