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Our pickups and finds over the past few months!

Article about: Didn't realize how busy we have been the past few months. As usual, nothing special but stuff the kid and I like, mostly helmets. I think the kid got the bug too! Several of them were supris

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    Default Re: Our pickups and finds over the past few months!

    James, I'll try my best to answer all the questions here, if I miss one, please excuse me and ask again.

    Quote by col james View Post
    is that a garand in the back ground
    No, it's a USN training rifle modeled after a Springfield I believe. My kid knows but he is not home to ask at the moment.

    Quote by col james View Post
    ,the flight helmet is super cool is it a gentex ?
    No, it is not a Gentex. Helmet was mfr'd by Bassons INdustires Corp, it still has the original lable inside. As stated in the original post, we need to locate a boom mic and inner liner. The inner liners are not to hard to come by but typically cost more than we paid for the helmet. We're hoping to sumble over a Great Deal one of these days.

    Quote by col james View Post
    your german and belgium lids look superb and so well displayed im loving the flecktarn cover is it for m1 clone or pasgt type ?
    The flecktran cover is for the M1 clone, to the best of my knowlage anyway.

    Quote by col james View Post
    the russian lids look great the ssch68 lid has the frog cammo cover i think judging by the pics it really suits it
    The cover on the Ssh68 we have not been able to positively ID, it's got a very unusual stitching patter that I have only found on a Chinese cover. We are still looking for the answer to this one.

    Quote by col james View Post
    ,nice googles are they 1944 style polariod's
    I belive they are the same style as the M44's, I'm no goggle expert and picked these up for cheep because of their poor condition, they looked good enough for disply. They are dated 1974 but I have not really looked in to them much.

    Quote by col james View Post
    ,whats the lid next to the nam m1 is it an israeli orlite ?
    No, it's a US Military DH-132A Combat Vehicle Crewman CVC Helmet with Ballistic (Kevlar) Shell. Used from the early 1970ís to the mid-1980ís and manufactured by Gentex. It looks a lot better up on a stand but I needed the stand for another helmet so there is sits until a get a new stand for it.

    Glad you enjoyed. Russ

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    Default Re: Our pickups and finds over the past few months!

    after seeing this little lot im sticking to educating myself rather than buying lids its by far the cheapest option,amazing stuff russ,you can deffo be proud of your collection,cheers dave.

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