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shell case found in a cellar

Article about: Can anyone tell me more about this shell case? It is "about" 20mm in diameter (the top is a bit buckled) and 11 cm high. The bottom bears the marking XF 5429 and very faintly at th

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    Post those photos here -International ammunition Association forum.

    International Ammunition Association {} - View forum - General Ammunition Collector Discussion

    I am curious also.


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    OK, I'll try that. I'll update this post with any new info.

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    A guy over at IAA suggested that it was a Swedish made HS 404. The tell tale clues are two segment lines and stamp of a stylized crown and if you look closely, there is actually something just below the KE 5179 stamp that could resemble a crown. It is very hard to see in the picture, but looking at it in real life, it is just visible.

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    The marking is not following the Danish scheme of markings, and I do not think that the crown looks like the Swedish marking. I think the figures are quite crude stamped - looking as they were stamped once at a time ! "XF" could also be a marking for a "Experimental Fuse" or something like it. I hink the marking looks too crude to be from a production line and could be experimental ammunition.

    Just my point of view.... :-)

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