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small containers...

Article about: Does anyone know the purpose and origin of these containers? Color is "military green". Ca. 8-9 cm. long. For fuses? What era?

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    Does anyone know the purpose and origin of these containers? Color is "military green". Ca. 8-9 cm. long. For fuses? What era?
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    Without any markings they are difficult to ID positively. As soon as I saw them I thought of the camouflage paint sticks used to cover your exposed skin.

    However, they could just as easily be a non military use. Can you give us a little more information ? Where were they found for instance ?


    Steve T

    PS Get a magnifying glass and look at them VERY closely.....there may be very small markings on them somewhere.

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    Military Cam Sticks usually have a cap at both ends so you can push the cam up to use it..I don't think that is what these are.

    Just my thoughts.


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    Hi Steve!
    These came from an attic in Estonia, so its hard to date them from that point of view.
    I agree that they could also be for non military use...
    Perhaps I should look closer with a magnifying glass... I will do that, when I get back home.


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    Perhaps contained water purefication tablets...or maybe matches? Just a thought!

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    No markings. I guess they are post war soviet items...

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