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SMLE 303 Rounds

Article about: Hi, guys, thanks for all the advice in deac rounds, some may learn from it. I have already deact these today i have done many in the past including Rons way of popping the caps. We have to d

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    Default SMLE 303 Rounds

    I was given five nice 303 rounds today unfortunatly they are live,
    ( Not for long ) in really good condition three are marked
    GB 36 V11, the other two are KI 1940 W1 & GB 1940 V11.
    I would show the head stamps but cant focus in on them, They came from and old chap who was home guard, he says he will dig out some other stuff. im looking forward to that.

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    Default Re: SMLE 303 Rounds

    Very nice It'll be nice to see what else he's giving you, so far it looks like a good start



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    Default Re: SMLE 303 Rounds

    LOL its not home guard its ome guard LOL.

    VAMPY :F

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    Default Re: SMLE 303 Rounds

    Hi Vampy,
    When i was in the war i was in the ome guard lol, something out of del boy ay. nice one.

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    Default Re: SMLE 303 Rounds

    heres a good proven method to deac live rounds , it may sound daft but it works,
    1 find a steel tube that the round will fit into ,but the rim wil not.
    2 put a piece of foam rubber in one end .
    3 put the round in the other end, hold the tube in your fist with your thumb on the primmer
    4 bang THE END WITH THE FOAM IN, strait down on a hard surface a couple of times , the head will pop out of the case ,and the cordite is contained in the tube
    5 stand the case on the primmer and spray WD40 into the case and leave over night ,this will kill the primmer , all done safely and no marks on the heads from pliers , this works fine i have done it many times and i believe it to be the saffest way when you dont have the propper tools ,
    cheers ian
    OH and a box slot round can be done the same way ,if you have a washer that has an ID near to that of the box ,and cut a part out of it to make it a "U" shape ,it can be then sliped into the box ,and then the same method can be used
    this is not so much directed to you Dave ,but more to those who may be scratching there heads on how to do this and mabe tempted to use pliers
    Last edited by ian; 04-23-2010 at 07:48 PM.

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    Default Re: SMLE 303 Rounds

    First,I don't know why you would want to deactivate them in the first place. But the way I deact them is to use a bullet puller. It looks similar to a plastic hammer. (around $15) You put the round in it and slam away. The shell,bullet and powder become separated. Then use a old electric coil type stove heater. Place the shell primer side down and wait. Pop! (stand clear) Retrieve the spent primmer which keeps it's shape. Then use a mallet or small hammer to gently tap them back into place. You can use a glue to hold them better. They will look just like the original. I've done this many many times. Ron

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    Default Re: SMLE 303 Rounds

    Sounds the same principle of the Kinetic hammer I have some where.

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    Default Re: SMLE 303 Rounds

    yep thats it , but most of us arnt lucky inof or have the nead for one , so some years aggo i came up with a"poor mans"kenetic hammer ,very cheep and just as good ,cheers ian

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    Default Re: SMLE 303 Rounds

    hi packin9 the reason we deact them is in the uk if you dont have a licence all live ammo is ilegal , cheers ian

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    Default Re: SMLE 303 Rounds

    Quote by m3bobby View Post
    Sounds the same principle of the Kinetic hammer I have some where.
    Kinetic.Yep. I couldn't think of the word. Thanks! Ron

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