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some good finds

Article about: Hi guys I posted better photos of the mask and helmet in the appropriate sections . Gary

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    Default some good finds

    Was at the antique fair today and found some nice items . The patches came out of a album all pre war and war made. The bayonet is a little rough but I didn't have one so now I do. The gas mask was a good price so how could I say no. Can anybody ID the patch in 2nd photo. I just cant remember what its for. I also like the old style 6th and 7th patch. Gary
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture patches 001.jpg   patches 003.jpg  

    patches 004.jpg   patches 007.jpg  

    patches 005.jpg   patches 008.jpg  

    patches 002.jpg   patches 010.jpg  

    patches 012.jpg  

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    Default Re: some good finds

    All good stuff Gary. Love the bayonet and mask with canister.
    I'm guessing the patch is for communicatons.........?


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    Default Re: some good finds

    Hi Steve I know I've seen this patch before just can't put my finger on it. All the patches came out of a album I don't even want to think about what was sold before I got there . I posted the mask in the German section if you want to see better photos . Gary

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    Default Re: some good finds

    Don't worry about it, or it will eat at you - if it hasn't started to already, Lol.

    That patch is the only one of group I wasn't familiar with - but I found it !
    It's for the 'Southern AAAC ( Anti Aircraft Artillery Costal )
    Defense Command'.........!


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    Default Re: some good finds

    Steve you are the man where the Hell did you find that I've been looking threw the net and some patch books I have for the last three hours. Gary

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    Default Re: some good finds

    Lol - I tried the internet for a few minutes, and realised it wasn't to be found there.
    Then, I got up off my arse and leafed through a 1940's publication by 'Wolf
    Appleton' on US WWII shoulder patch insignia that I have. The illustrations
    are poorly done, as is the red and blue two-colour printing and cheap
    paper stock, but it lists most all the patches that were in use during
    the war. ( These booklets originally sold for 15 cents )

    Below is what the cover looks like:

    Shoulder Patch Insignia of the United States Armed Forces


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    Default Re: some good finds

    I have that booklet just can't find it right know . Thanks again . Gary

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    Default Re: some good finds

    Nice finds. Rich A. in Pa.
    1969 Shelby GT-500 King of the Road
    Knowledge is power, guard it well.

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    Default Re: some good finds

    Thanks Rich went back today and found a few more things. I paid more for the luft patch then all the other items put together. Oh and I got the luft patch very cheap. I had to pick up the Corgi Jr. AMC Pacer for my son. Gary
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture patches 2 003.jpg   patches 2 001.jpg  

    patches 2 002.jpg   patches 2 005.jpg  

    patches 2 004.jpg   patches 2 007.jpg  

    patches 2 008.jpg   patches 2 010.jpg  

    patches 2 009.jpg  

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    Default Re: some good finds

    Just noticed the officer in the photo is from the big red one.

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