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Some of my Latest Finds

Article about: Thanks, Eric! I'm planning on taking the pennants to get I just need the wall space to display them!

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    I don't believe there is any particular reason other than choice of design by the manufacturer. While Ade is correct in that you can date them based on design however you would have to know who the maker is as well as have a knowledge of or reference to the different design changes.

    However as a whole, I've seen examples of pre Spanish American War EGA's with and without the rope as well as recent examples with and without the rope.

    Collecting EGA's is a hobby in its self and potentially an expensive one depending on the rarity of design, maker and its age.

    One thing you can do, however, is distinguish between an Officer and EM/NCO EGA. For an officer, the area between the eagles legs are hollowed out whereas an EM/NCO's example would be a solid piece (similar to the examples on the uniforms I posted).

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    Quote by yuengling325 View Post
    Did some researching and I'm fairly certain the RFX M21 is a Army/Navy Surplus Store special...Oh well, it'll still looks good on display!
    As already stated, it is a repro 'RFX' grenade. They do display well.

    25+ years ago , my very first US hand grenade was one of this
    type, with the same - but incorrect - fuse, and painted OD
    green. I still have it.

    They can be pretty convincing to a noob.........!


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    Well, I'm certainly a noob when it comes to ordnance related items! Hence why I don't collect them. Considering my friend traded these along with quite a bit of nice original items, I'm overall happy with them the lot!

    Thanks for everyone's input and comments!

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