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Stuff from workmates attic

Article about: Hi, workmate gave me some ww2 stuff he found in his attic, I think he said they were his grandads. Was just wondering if any of it is "rare" or just common stuff? lots of 40's date

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    Default Stuff from workmates attic

    Hi, workmate gave me some ww2 stuff he found in his attic, I think he said they were his grandads. Was just wondering if any of it is "rare" or just common stuff? lots of 40's dated things and a telegram bit of paper that is dated "thursday 15th july 44" "tulloch ard" at the top and says:

    "NEWS HEAD LINES" "NORMANDY." "On Normandy Front, full scale counter attacks by German Forces have been held. Americans massing new attacks on ST LO. Enemy man power difficulty is reported - Artillary being used as infantry.

    "The following is the text of a broadcast by the BBC reporter in NORMANDY on 18 July 44.

    Hello BBC. This is Frank Gillard with the Second Army in Normandy.
    If you read the history of the last war, you will find the 15th, Scottish Division cropping up time and again in the really big battles - the Somme, for instance, and the battle of Loos. It was there that the 15th Scottish made the deepest penetration of any Division.

    Today we are able to say that this famous formation, Highlanders and Lowlanders, with a sprinkling of English among them, is back in France again.

    You will remember the battle of the corridor. Over here we called is the Scottish Corridor, because it was this division, the 15th. scottish which drove a way forward through the crust of German defences 5000 yards deep, to seize these crossings over the River Odon and to form a bridgehead on the far side. The attack started at 7-30 in the morning on June 26th. By 11 o 'clock all the first objectives had been seized, the group of villages round LaHaut Du Bosq. The reserve Brigade was thrown in. Next day, the Infantry, with close support from Churchhill Tanks, seize the bridge across the Odonat Tourville, and seize it intact. This same battalion was swing round to seize a second bridge and thereby earned for itself the proud title of "The Crossing Sweepers". There was the corridor: The Scots had done amazingly well, but they had stuck their necks out a long way. The Germans began to attack on the flanks. In places the Divisions maintenance route was in a precarious state, but they held firm. There was one furious clash in particular, when a Scottish force, setting out to widen the corridor ran head-on to a German counterattack. You'll remember that day when twelve enemy jabs were made into our salient in twelve hours - you'll remember all the fighting round Cheux, St Mauvieu, La Gaule. It was from the west that they took the soundest beating, for these men from Scotland were determined not to be driven back over the river. With their PIATs' and their infantry 6-pounders, and with massive artillary support and the fire from their Churchills, the held on to their bridgehead.

    Thas's all from Frank Gillard."
    Is that normandy news bit of paper telegram(?) worth anything? anyone got an idea on rough value on these papers?
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    DSC_0033.jpg   DSC_0034.jpg  

    DSC_0035.jpg   DSC_0036.jpg  

    DSC_0037.jpg   DSC_0041.jpg  

    DSC_0038.jpg   DSC_0039.jpg  

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    just met up with him again and he gave me these, so a quick update, not any knowledge of the scottish beret but is it ww2 era and again anyone any idea on how much the beret is worth? its from his grandad again + the soldiers release book dated 5th october 1945
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture DSC_0023.jpg   DSC_0025.jpg  

    DSC_0026.jpg   DSC_0027.jpg  

    DSC_0028.jpg   DSC_0029.jpg  

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    Not a great deal of value, a few quid each I would guess, maybe a bit more for the ab64, mostly Scottish related, merchant navy and 7th Seaforth highlanders. Tuloch ard is a musical piece, again Scottish related but might have been used for a war time publication for a regiment or similar, again Scottish I would guess.

    The Glengarry (scottish beret) is not a type I recognise as being for any of the regiments so might be a clan version, you need to research the tartan pattern to find out.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    To be totally honest there's not much value in the paper items, they are pretty common, but I'm more concerned as to why a grandson would give away a family members military history, it shows a complete lack of respect, also asking for a price in this way suggests you are prepared to sell them rather than preserving this mans history of service??????

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    what is an "ab64" @jerry

    @dave not wanting to sell no, just curious on prices of things incase something was megarare and worth a lot so I could give it back to him, im a hoarder and never sell anything I have ww2 or ww1 related .-)

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    Quote by brataccas View Post
    what is an "ab64" @jerry
    The soldiers service and paybook, it is the red brown book with the details of his service in it, they are known by the name AB64 or army book 64 which is written at top right of the front cover.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Very difficult to value ephemeral items. To some they will be priceless (you would have thought by the family) but to others with little interest, a few quid or nothing at all.

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