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Swedish Uboat Jacket - Anyone know about these?

Article about: I didn't find this in the attic, although it has been in storage for quite some time. I looked around the internet and found a few jackets by Mats Jansson, but nothing like this. I rec'd it

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    Default Swedish Uboat Jacket - Anyone know about these?

    I didn't find this in the attic, although it has been in storage for quite some time. I looked around the internet and found a few jackets by Mats Jansson, but nothing like this. I rec'd it as a gift in 1985 when I was living in Europe and was told it was a Swedish Uboat jacket from WWII. I have maintained it so it remains in much the same condition as when I received it. I would guess the leather is ox, as it is quite a heavy jacket with a wool lining. The buckles and buttons on it are quite hefty and impressive, extremely well constructed. It has leather draw strings at the waste, which give the wearer a distinct V-shape in appearance with wide shoulders and narrow waste. I wore it a few times when I was skiing in the Alps and it was plenty warm but not suffocating. I should add, that as a EURO Size 52, it is similar to US Size 42, arms run long which was a pleasant surprise when I rec'd it.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Back_Full-2_sm.jpg   Brass-Collar-Buckle_sm.jpg  

    Interior_Full_sm.jpg   Sleeve-Liner_sm.jpg  

    Front_Full_sm.jpg   Back_Full_sm.jpg  

    Wooden-ToggleButtons_sm.jpg   Brass_catches-Back_sm.jpg  

    Waist_drawstrings_sm.jpg   Brass_catches_sm.jpg  

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    never seen 1 before.

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    Harry, without saying much (otherwise I'll probably put my foot in my mouth), at the time I rec'd this there was some suggestion that these jackets were not easily obtained outside of Sweden. Don't ask me why, but I haven't seen another like this except for the ones owned by my friend and his brother, both of which came from Sweden. I think they were mostly being snatched up by bikers--although that was almost 30 years ago.

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    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    Please can you use the forum tool for uploading pictures to the site and not remote sites. This is to ensure pictures remain with your post should the ones on your remote site be deleted. It is very easy to use and you will probably get much better responses to your threads.

    I have uploaded the front view of your jacket for you, (which is very nice and in excellent condition), and a couple of others in this reply.

    Many thanks

    Steve T

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    Yes indeed, pardon for the external links--didn't know this forum was so well equipped!

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    This has nothing do do with the navy or submarines. It's a Swedish army motorcycle ordonance jacket. They were quite common in sweden 20 years ago. One could buy them at the governements army surplus stores for about 50 euros or less. I had one myself. There is a later version with the exactly similar appearance but they are made of olive green canvas. They can still be bought as surplus for 3-500 euros. Malung is the name of the city in the landscape Dalarna and Malung is famous for their leather factories. I Think the jacket is younger than wwII.

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    That's very interesting--I really appreciate your help in identifying it! I received the coat in 1985, which is 28 years ago. When I received the jacket it was clearly not new or even recently produced and had minor signs of age and that smell that wool has when it's been sitting in an attic box for many years. My guess is that it could have possibly been produced as late as perhaps the 1950-60s but probably not much later than that.

    The other telltale sign of age of course is the patina on the brass buckles.

    Do you know when these jackets were first produced and if it was originally for the Swedish army?
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    I Think the modelyear of the jacket is 1954. You can look att Digitalt Museum - Všlkommen and then print the searchword " motorjacka" , then a variety of motorcyclejackets from the Swedish army will show up on the screen. The first seems to be from 1940 but it' s a bit different.

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    Yes, that's it exactly. Great! Mine came from Denmark, so probably thru the surplus channel as I read somewhere. But it's such an awesome and unusual jacket I'll probably hold onto it. I've taken care of it so it remains in excellent condition.

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