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Under The Stairs Find

Article about: Hi guys, I was put onto this place by a mate of mine on a totally unrelated forum (Bushcrafting) as we recently had a thread on there about the coolest thinmgs we have ever found, i posted u

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    Default Under The Stairs Find

    Hi guys,

    I was put onto this place by a mate of mine on a totally unrelated forum (Bushcrafting) as we recently had a thread on there about the coolest thinmgs we have ever found, i posted up that when my Gradfather died when i was 13 (many years ago now), we cleared out his house and the process found a lot and a mean a lot of WW2 related maps, caps, uniforms etc, therefore my mate thought it might be worth my while to post up a few pictures of what i have here in order to gather a bit more information on them, here's a few pics, appreciate any info you might be able to offer

    Detailed street map of Brighton, highlighting bridges, railways, gas works, hospitals etc

    Detailed geological map of the entire south coast of England

    More street maps of keys towns and cities in the South

    One of the booklets has detailed photographs of ALL the railway and road bridges around where i live, this bridge is still in existance and still carries the railway over the river, cant remember how many times ive been over it

    Detailed maps of the south coast

    Including profiles of the cliffs

    Hope this is of some interest, like i said would appreciate any info you guys might be able to give, especially ID of the epileutes and what part of the German Military they are from, as i simply do not know at this moment in time.

    Thanks for looking

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    wow, superb finds



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    wow super find these guys will be quick on telling you what you have!

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    Hi, and welcome to the forum!

    The maps etc are very interesting and are of course self explanitary.

    The items you needed hep with are:

    Cap: Luftwaffe Other Ranks cap with Signals brown piping.

    Cuff title: Waffen SS Adolf Hitler title.

    Badge: early issue Wound badge in black.

    Shoulder straps: Black with white piping: Waffen SS Inf.
    Blue/grey with red: Luftwaffe Flak
    Dark green with red: Heer (Army) Artillery
    Blue/grey with black: Luftwaffe Engineers.

    All are NCO's rank.

    Sleeve eagle is Waffen SS Other ranks.

    Armband is for people attached to the Army.

    Money: you have both 1920's era inflation money and later 1930's currency.

    Hope this helps?

    Cheers, Ade.

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    All the maps are relating to 'Operation Sealion'

    I had the chance to own one covering Widnes and Runcorn, but some little wretch outbid in the last seconds!!

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    thanks for the replies chaps and explanation of what it is i actually have (Ade), ive always suspected some of it was SS, i have some others things here in storage, not many, 'ill dig them out sometime soon and get some photo's and postthem up.

    Must admit im not a military historian by any means and can only thank my mate on tuther forum for letting me know about this place, it has certainly been worthwhile.

    The maps fascinate me, ive poured over them for hours and hours over the years, the photo books are incredible as many of the landmarks in there are still in existance around here to this day, i can even see my house in one of the aerial photographs.

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    These are really intresting items, we Brits made similar things of Germany and France.

    Prior to Dieppe and D Day, there was a request put out in the tabloids etc. for any holiday photos/postcards etc. of the French coast and coastal regions to aid planners in there prep and to aid the soldiers on the front.

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    Its spooky seeing German invasion plans of Britain, the way they were watching and analysing and to think of what could have happened.

    Anyway the Home Guard were armed and ready

    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    Kepis very nice stuff can we see a close up of the cuff title. Thanks Gary

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