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Weekend Finds 2016

Article about: First of my weekend finds this year, a big farm sale, a real mixed bag of items, the stone jars with a red WD arrow, contain "Kephos" (applied to bear metal, before painting appare

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    I also had a visit from a British friend who lives in Normandy and is a dealer in antiques, during his buying sprees over the last couple of months he picked up a lot militaria for me, well he dropped it off during the week and I must say it is an interesting mix, mostly German and American, the piece of track though is from a Bren carrier I think.
    The grain sacks could be post war, but I'm uncertain of that.
    Regards Gary
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    Quote by garys39 View Post
    This is last weekends finds from two small sales, does anybody recognise the pair of the pliers and know what they do ?
    Regards Gary
    I believe the pliers are for crimping blasting caps on to fuse. At least that is what those shape pliers were used for in hard rock mines.

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    I also think your cat likes military items too.
    You have picked up a lot of neat stuff.

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    Had another delivery from France last night, interesting wooden box, marked "4 CTGS 75mm SMK MK V FOR TANK ONLY 11/43" and underneath "C283", which I presume would be for the British Sherman Firefly.
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    You have a lot of treasure here. Very interesting to see what you manage to get hold of.
    Collect ROA, Cossack, Schuma and other WW2 Volunteer militaria.

    "Be Humble and kind, for you may find that it was Odin you entertained"

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    Is the cat a wartime piece or postwar?

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    From your earlier post, I think the sacks are not for grain but for potato flour.
    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

    My greatest fear is that one day I will die and my wife will sell my guns for what I told her I paid for them

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    Thanks for all the replies, the cat is just nosey and was interested in the farm smells of all the items I think.
    This weekend I went to a couple of boot sales and found the following, an 1941 Air Ministry issued 2 gallon petrol can, some tools and a grouping of paperwork, related to a father and son I think.
    The posters are adverts for the REME Orchestra playing in Cranswick & Selby, and the 3 Brayton Bullet news letters are from a local camp (Brayton Camp, Nr Selby). The WW1 discharge document is for a chap called Sandy McGregor, all these things were together and were with sheet music and some old photos, I'll search through and let you know what I find.
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    Out this morning to a local bootsale, great WW2 German box from a house clearance chap, it originally contained a power supply unit but I do not know what for (I had to tip out a load of christmas decorations from it), a German leather motorcycle pannier, I think postwar, missing it's top bracket, but useable for my KS600 when I get it finished (this was picked up by a guy who works at a tip), US rucksack, a nice tankard, 1944 wire cutters and a bag of rifle cleaning kits. As always pretty random assortment.
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    Finds this weekend start with some ephemera from a house clearance, a chap had a box of photos on his stall, I picked out the military ones, when i asked for a price, he said he had some paperwork from the same family in the back of his van, if I was interested. Well I picked through it and it mostly concerned a Fus G R Jackson 8th Bn Royal Fusiliers, there were letters to his mum from himself and his brother Ken (also serving), one letter is dated 4/5/43, it was to be his last, as there amongst the items is a photo negative showing his grave and date of death 9/5/43 ! He was killed in the fighting for the points 141 & 130 to the north of Enfidaville in Tunisia, there is a graves commision letter, telling that Fus Jasksons body was recovered from an "isolated grave" and reinterred in the Enfidaville War Graves Cemetery (a year later).
    Going through all of this paperwork, makes for very sobering reading !
    Also there is an unopened envelope to his mum, I shone a strong light through it and it reads "The Queen and I offer you our heart felt sympathy in your great sorrow, George R.I.".
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