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Whats your best find inside a find?

Article about: Having recently bought a rucksac for the Para helmet which was inside, I was very pleased with the grenade, holster, etc which also came with it (see thread

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    Like my wife says before I put the kids clothes in the washing machine, 'always check the pockets!'

    I was having a little sort out today and thought that I would check all of the pockets and linings of my various uniform items and found this! Not the find of the century but a nice little addition to the history of the jacket

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    Default Re: Whats your best find inside a find?

    I found an original picture of adolf hitler inside a luftwaffe flak officer's photo album.

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    When I was 13 years old, I came upon an old woodshed in Mannheim, Germany and found a Wehrmacht belt with buckle, a german mapcase with a soldier's photos/negatives, and a german folding shovel with leather was a good day way back in 1980!
    cheers, Glenn
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    About the only thing I've ever found in anything was some valueless coins in the pocket of a pattern 1960 combat smock. But I did hear of a collector who some years ago bought a WW1 British tunic at a very reasonable price, with something packing out one of the hip pockets. When he got it home and had a look, it turned out to be a folded-up PH gas helmet.....!!! Oh to have a find like that!

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    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Whats your best find inside a find?  
    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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    I've found a couple of things in items I bought over the years...

    - A British warrant officer badge in the pocket of a 1922 SD jacket.

    - An old razor blade wrapper in a Pattern 1908 haversack.

    - A pair of 1942 dated US M36 suspenders in a 1950s USMC upper pack

    ...and the remnants of doobies in a 1950s US trenchcoat and in a pair of British KD shorts

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    Quote by Patrick Lewis View Post
    we bought a blanket chest from an auction, when we go home we open it and we find old newspapers and shoes. ( the newspapers had nothing interesting and dated only 1998 ). and when we started picking up all the newspapers and shoes, we found a gun holister! with some live ammunation. but no gun :P .
    we gave the ammunation to the police and I kept the holster. i will get a pic.

    Attachment 207261Attachment 207260

    Does anyone know what gun or any info on it?
    holster is for PPK 7.65mm

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    I bought an HG Division Feldbluse and found a breast eagle in one pocket and a pair of artillery piped shoulder boards in the other. NH

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    This is a pre-WW2 Polish Cross of Merit, bronze 3rd Class in original case that I acquired several years ago. Cased Polish decorations of this vintage are scarce as they were primarily awarded to foreigners, and as such these sets are one of my main collecting pursuits. This one contained a small surprise folded within the ribbon that had escaped the seller’s notice – a newspaper clipping titled: “Italian Guest Visits Garrison NCO Mess Hall”.

    Whats your best find inside a find?

    Whats your best find inside a find?

    Whats your best find inside a find?

    The newspaper clipping names a sergeant Mario Santini, who on a visit to Poland with an Italian army delegation was presented the Cross of Merit as a token of appreciation for his visit. Perhaps the visiting Italian sergeant was shown a newspaper during his stay that mentioned his award and he decided to clip it out and save it in this manner?

    Whats your best find inside a find?

    Afterwards I found a postcard photo showing an Italian Army delegation visiting a Polish natural landmark on October 10, 1932. Maybe this was the visit?

    Whats your best find inside a find?

    Whats your best find inside a find?

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    "Tomorrow hopes we have learned something from yesterday." - John Wayne

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    Many years ago when i was about 12-13, i used to go to my uncles firm in Tottenham every Saturday, during the war they made some of the metal parts for Mosquitos, one day i was just nosing around when i found a door with steps leading downwards, i walked down and found that it was an Air Raid shelter, there hanging on hooks were 25-30 Mk 11 british helmets, and beside them gas masks, I eventually had all of them and drove my mother mad as they were all over my room, in the wardrobe and on top, along with all the other American and German Helmets , bayonets,my dads uniform from the war, german badges, insignias, a few army boots, A 18th century Japanese Samurai pike , a .303 Lee Enfield and a rusty Sten gun. Gone are those days

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