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WW1 Bullet Plane?

Article about: Just "found" this in a cubby-hole and quite happy with it too (I'm easily pleased ). No idea how I got it, or when I've got it?? I think it's a WW1 bullet trench art plane. Quite a

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    some tine /copper and a soldering iron should put it rite again with no trouble at all.

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    Quite looking forward to the end result, especially as it was nearly thrown out.

    Also, I'm hoping to get the prop removed to see what type the bullet actually is?

    Made up with the interest

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    Well the restoration has begun, and the bullet is a three part construction.

    The inner bullet is the same size as a 303 - dated 1915.

    An outer piece, also 1915 and a prop that was soldered into the outer piece.

    I believe they are 7.92 Mauser bullets.

    The bottom left of the bullets picture, the markings are the same, number, letter and year and S67.

    More pictures to follow..
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture WW1 Bullet Plane?   WW1 Bullet Plane?  

    WW1 Bullet Plane?   WW1 Bullet Plane?  

    WW1 Bullet Plane?  
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    you are on the right road to solving the mystery. keep going and keep us informed of your progress.

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