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WW1 soldier's bedroom

Article about: Hello Folks, Stumbled on this recent article showing the untouched bedroom of a ww1 french Officer, killed in 1918. What strikes me first, more than the objects preserved themselves, is that

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    I think this is incredible.
    Makes me think of my great grandfather and of his brother.

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    Quote by aurelius180 View Post
    That's an incredible shrine and amazing that it has remained that way for almost 100 years. Unfortunately it does appear moths have done some damage. It's nice the current owner has respected the wishes of the original family and hopefully someone or some group comes along with the means to properly preserve it.
    I noticed the torn up jacket - but, presumed (probably, my imagination) it was torn up on a battlefield - of course it could be moths, everything else looked so pristine.

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    What a sight. Amazing that it has actually gone untouched.

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    Hello all!

    Here is an other article (in french) with pictures from different angles. An additional info, the soldier Hubert Hochereau was born in this very room, on the bed that is still in place. He died on the 26 of april 1918 on the Belgian front near the village of Loker. Sadly (i think) the actual owner of the house do not want to conduct any restoration work on the items since he believes that "it will lessen the sentimental value of the items". What is more important in this case the sentimental or the historical value? I must admit that I am not sure.


    La chambre d'un poilu intacte 100 ans après la Grande Guerre -

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    looks like the steel Adrian helmet is hanging by the leather chin strap? Im surprized the thin leather strap hasnt broken after hanging there all those years?

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