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WW2 German military found in Oregon USA

Article about: Finding a living WW2 veteran and being able to talk to him in person and hear his stories is something many of us look for and rarely find these days. The only thing better then doing this i

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    Some very nice items in that grouping and i'd be happy to own any of them!..
    Please don't take what Harry said as a derogatory remark as all sides were guilty of looting, i bet a fair percentage of our collections were looted!...
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    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

    I'm Spartacus, not really i'm Paul!...

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    Theres a nice vet that lives down the road from me, he had his 90th birthday about a month ago great guy. Anyway he landed in Normandy on d day in the afternoon with the tank regiment, carried on until he got shot in the ankle (whilst getting in his tank) near the Ardennes.
    I shew him a couple of my 'artifacts' (a ss dagger and Luftwaffe dagger) and asked him if he ever 'found' anything? His reply was,' there were items in the houses everywhere, it wasn't looting as many call it but whilst they were clearing the buildings for snipers etc things made there way out in pockets'.
    He never 'liberated' anything as he spent the whole time in a tank, apparently getting out would have been frowned upon unless they were stopping. He also said anything worthwhile the foot soldiers would have found first so he didn't waste to much time.
    thought id share the story anyway beings you guys like that kinda stuff.
    Souvenir huntings one of them things, we all do it in our own ways when we visit different places- even if its just a photograph.
    best matty

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    Very nice grouping.

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