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Austrian Transitional Helmet?

Article about: I found this helmet and it all looks ok to me, but id like some more opinions on it before i buy it

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    Default Austrian Transitional Helmet?

    I found this helmet and it all looks ok to me, but id like some more opinions on it before i buy it
    Austrian Transitional Helmet?Austrian Transitional Helmet?

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    Looks good but I do wonder about the decal/insignia which appears in remarkably better condition than the rest of the shell.

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    I normally wouldnt look at these as the amount of dodgy ones out there, but this guy i have seen around for years and he gets some good stuff...doesnt mean he cant make mistakes though

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    Hi, I have never studied these decals before, but I will say that I personally am uneasy with the fact that below the "bolt" area in particular the corrosion is quite heavy and yet the surface of the decal is unaffected in any way? Looks like it has been placed straight on top of surface rust to me and if this were a standard TR decal, I would pass on it. Leon.
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    Thanks Leon

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    I would like to see a decent closeup of the decal itself.

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    only pics i could get, unfortunately ..i was trying to message Doug B ..but ive lost his email

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    I'll PM it to you.

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    Thanks Glenn..its just such a minefield with any decal on it..but im sure Doug had one if these

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    No worries. I'm pretty sure Doug has sold out of most of his collection now but he might have enough photos on file to make a call on your example.

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