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Research advice needed.

Article about: I'm looking for advice on additional avenues to research my grandfather's WW1 military service. My grandfather was born in 1899 in Hlivistia (present day Slovakia) and lived in this village

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    Default Research advice needed.

    I'm looking for advice on additional avenues to research my grandfather's WW1 military service.

    My grandfather was born in 1899 in Hlivistia (present day Slovakia) and lived in this village (just north of Sobrance, Slovakia) until he was called up for service. This area was the recruiting area for IR66.

    From other sites/comments, I'm told class 1899 and 1900 (birth years) were both called up in 1917. The person supplying the information was not able to provide the month. Depending on month, my grandfather would have been 17 or 18 years old.

    There are no surviving records in Hlivistia or Sobrance (lost in a fire in the 1970s).

    Hungarian military archives replied to my enquiry that records for classes 1850-1899 were lost/destroyed during the second world war.

    This area once fell in Zemplin county. I'm not sure if the is still a regional/county government that may house records?

    Per some earlier replies to another thread, IR66 served on the eastern front (Russo-Romanian) in 1917/18 with II./IR66 briefly attached to a mountain Brigade on the Isonzo front.

    My grandfather would have been a low-ranking foot soldier/draftee. From what I gleaned from Brian, the only notable thing about IR66 (If he served in this regiment) was that it was more multinational than most-- Magyars, Ruthenians, and Slovaks. The training depot for this Regiment was in nearby Ungvar (present day Uhzhorod, Ukraine)

    Given that I have no documentation of any kind to verify my grandfathers service, can anyone suggest other research avenues for finding information? I've run out of ideas.


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    Chris, just saw this item and realize it was an old post. Recommend a read of the the Austo-Hungarian Army Records paper at Austro-Hungarian Army Records I got lucky with the information Carl Kotlarchik published, plus translation help from HPL. Hope this helps . S/F Jim Horak

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    Thanks for your reply.

    My research project has potentially increased in complexity a bit. While my grandfather was conscripted to serve in the KuK Armee, there's now a question over whether he continued to serve in the then-newly-formed Czechslovak Army in the immediate postwar years. I've found very little info on the follow-on militaries of the former Austro-Hungarian empire but clearly Czechoslovakia established a new army relatively quickly.

    Depending on source, this army was comprised of the Czechoslovak Legions (which fought for Russia/Allies during the war) or perhaps part of this force were integrated into the new Czechoslovak Army? Lots of conflicting information indicating the Legions fought on in Russia (assuming part of the Revolution) until 1920/21. I do not believe my grandfather had anything to do with the Legion -- he served mostly on occupation duty on the Eastern Front and then moved to the Romanian Front for the last year of the war.

    My new questions:
    1. A newly formed Czechoslovak army likely continued the conscription practice of the monarchy. Pre-1914, this was largely confined to calling up 20-year olds for 2 years mandatory service. Given that my grandfather was conscripted at 17/18 years old in 1917, he would also have been due to call-up in 1919/20 when he reached 20 years old.

    2. Given the large swath of ages called into WW1 service, my presumption is that the new army would have far less manpower requirements than wartime footing required and that those in the eldest age groups would be released from service while younger soldiers might potentially be extended into service for the new army.

    3. Pre-war conscription obligations were usually 2 years so call-up in 1917 would still result in potential mandatory service until 1919. SO did my grandfathers AH conscription also see him drafted into the Czechoslovak army?

    If anyone can point me towards info on the formation of the Czechoslovak Army, circa 1918-23, I'd appreciate it.


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    The Hungarian achives are damaged. I'd definitely try in Vienna. The Austrian Military archives still own every piece of paper ever written during the war. If you know grandfather's unit you can look its history up.

    For the rest of your questions probaby an Austrian expert in the topic could help you.

    Good luck

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