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Beer carrying spitfires of world war ii

Article about: BEER CARRYING SPITFIRES OF WORLD WAR II In lighter moments of World War II, the Spitfire was used in an unorthodox role: bringing beer kegs to the men in Normandy. During the war, Heneger an

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    Default Not only Spits, P-38/F-5 Lightnings did the same

    My Dad was with the 8AAF 7th PG 13th Sqdn and they flew F-5 Lightnings out of Mount Farm in 1943 to early 1944. He told me of several incidents when they were tasked to do a Photo Op over Norway or The Baltic and the returning aircraft landed in Scotland where the cameras were removed and the film processed. the F-5 returned to Mount Farm/Oxford with the nose (now empty of 3 Aerial Camers) was loaded with either Scotch or Beer, which was either used for trading with other units for parts/materiel or as Base supply.

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    Default Re: Beer carrying spitfires of world war ii

    Never, ever underestimate the ingenuity of the soldier, sailor or airman of any nationality when it comes to supplementing their daily rations!

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    Default Re: Beer carrying spitfires of world war ii

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    I'm surprised more Aussies haven't responded - but then maybe it's a case of " h'mm, why didn't I think of that?"

    Dropping kegs into the next barbie - brilliant! the beer hat any day.

    I think GC Clive Caldwell RAAF had his bum kicked for running alcohol to Morotai Island during the SW Pacific conflict.
    He was court martialled in Jan 1946 and reduced in rank to Flight Lieutenant.
    Caldwell was the highest scoring Australian during WW2 with 28.5 kills.

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