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Help with Luftwaffe 3 ton hoist

Article about: by Wagriff First of all, does it Work? Remember, in Europe, the voltage is 220 not the 110 like in the States. Second of all, as has been said, the Shipping is going to be absolutely frighte

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    Default Help with Luftwaffe 3 ton hoist

    I recently won an auction in Europe for a 3 ton hoist. It was being sold as a panzer hoist, but the tonnage and part numbers make me think it is Luftwaffe. 3 tons would have only been usuable for removing tracks, some early turrets and engines from a tank.

    I've run into a problem with shipping too. The international shipping quote was just for the EU, not the US!

    From the data plate:

    Leichtmetallheoezug 3 t

    Bauart fbh
    Gerat-Nr 57-176A
    Werk Nr 1942263627
    Anforderz FI 66715
    Hersteller: fph

    The Anforderz Fl 66715 has me wondering if it is Luftwaffe. Someone on an other forum pointed out that the Fl is often found on Luftwaffe equipment. A google image search shows it on a handful of aviation items like compasses or watches. I'm wondering if Fl stands for Flieger and is for normal items that have been approved for flight.

    Any information would be appricated. I'm trying to decide if the extra shipping is worth it.
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    That's going to cost a lot more to ship than it's actually worth. Sad but true.
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    An odd thing to collect, but to each their own.

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    Worth is relative. If it was an unused (or little used) wehrmacht and/or panzer tool, it would be worth it to me (I've seen the new shipping quote) as most of the wehrmacht/panzer tools were lost long long ago.

    I don't touch Luftwaffe tools. Those are better left to other collectors that would appricate them more, imo.

    Besides, if it is Luftwaffe, it could be used for a killer 'engine' or other part install display at a musuem.

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    I can confrim it is Luftwaffe. Note the FL prefix to the number.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    as Ade said Luftwaffe.

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    The FL number on it, AFAIK it's a Luftwaffe inventory number of some sort.

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    anyway to look it up?

    Something this size would have either been used to work on aircraft or to hoist something like an engine into an aircraft.

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    I suspect it's a feldkran (Field Crane) of some sort, like so:

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    First of all, does it Work? Remember, in Europe, the voltage is 220 not the 110 like in the States. Second of all, as has been said, the Shipping is going to be absolutely frightening. What actually does it Weigh? And, lastly-yes, of course it is Luftwaffe. I would imagine that such lifts must have been in use for uncountable purposes in the Luftwaffe.

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