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Historical question about RAF pilots during Battle of Britain

Article about: Good morning! I have an historical question for you: I see many photos of RAF pilots during battle of Britain, photographed just before enter in airplains during LW attacks, that donít have

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    At a 615 Squadron reunion at RAF Kenley some years ago I was talking to James Saunders of Battle of Britian fame. He told me some pilots carried side arms in case their aircraft caught fire and they couldn't bale out, the obvious choice "burn or end it all" Some what difficult but understandable!!

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    Tiffy's explaination above makes more sense than trying
    to shoot your way out of a cockpit.........


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    If you have to bail out of a shot down aircraft, defending yourself with a side arm was probably not high on your list of priorities.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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