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Huey Time

Article about: So last weekend at work I got to go flying in Dillon Aeros's Huey with Robert Mason, Author of 'Chickenhawk' - good times.

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    I would just LOVE a turn on that minigun!!!
    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

    My greatest fear is that one day I will die and my wife will sell my guns for what I told her I paid for them

    "Don't tell me these are investments if you never intend to sell anything" (Quote: Wife)

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    Quote by M422A1 View Post
    Its been a long time since I rode in a Huey. It was my favorite of all the helicopters that I rode in while I was in the USMC.
    Semper Fi Brother. Air winger Here!!! I used to fly in the Heavies. Ch 53 D's., Flew the entire east coast. I was just a hopper out of NAS Willow Grove, but loved EVERY MINUTE. My best was a flight from NAS Quantico VA to NAS Albany, NY to the Marine Reserve unit dropping of supplies. We flew around the statue of Liberty. I was waving at a Mom and her son in the crown of Miss Liberty as they were waving at us!!! One of those memories you never forget. We also did a pass on the twin towers . That is also a fond memory with a less than happy ending.

    Semper Fi Bro
    Thank you for your service!!!!!!!!

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    Sounds like you had a great time.
    I remember reading "Chickenhawk" when it first came out, and also remember it as one of the most" honest" memoirs I think I have ever read.
    I am very pleased that things have worked out for him ..and no doubt others, that shared their post war fates.
    Governments the world over, still seem to be slow/uninterested to help with these these problems .
    A VERY brave man in every way.
    Kind Regards Mike

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    Quote by guns ltd View Post
    Huey's are neet. I almost bought a B model gunship once. Couldn't come up with the cash. No Joke it really was for sale.
    Looks like fun too me.
    I had a similar experience with an ME 109G10-U4. I had bought a new Ford convertable in Sep 57 and found the 109 in May 58. Couldn't borrow the needed $$$ because of the car loan and couldn't sell the dammed convertable because I owed to much money on it!

    I agree that Hueys are neat!!! I flew door gunner on an H mod in RVN. Had some interesting experiencs there. Fortunately getting shot down was NOT one of them!!
    I got a copy of "Chickenhawk" at a convention, pretty sure it is autographed.

    I have had a few other interesting flying experiences while in the Navy earlier - flew the Grand Canyon at only a couple a hundred feet above the rim, buzzed Niagra Falls at about 1000' above, same for some beaches in Puerto Rico
    and flew around the ? monument in North Dakota where we were looking straight across into the faces. All of this in a Navy P2V-5 Neptune.
    Unfortunately we weren't the ones who flew thru the Gateway Arch in St Louis, Mo. That would really have been fun!!!
    Flying can be fun!!!

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    I remember my first ride in a helicopter; I was an NG Medic playing the part of soldier with a leg wound being Medevac'd in a Huey. I was laying on my stomach on a stretcher, boots and pants which another Medic had removed, were laying at my feet and I was not strapped in. Pilot lifted off and right away did a steep left bank. What a ride that was seeing the ground right outside the door. Short but fun ride but when we landed, I was missing one of my boots and my pants. So there I was sitting in a GP Large being dressed down (no pun intended) by a 2nd LT for being out of uniform while a group of guys from my platoon were searching for my missing pants and boot.

    Went on to become an OH-58 mechanic and eventually an Aero Scout and actually was able to grab quite a bit of stick time. Loved it all.

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    The book 'Chickenhawk' is a fantastic story, one of my all time favourite books, it was always a great experience flying in a Huey, especially at speed
    just above the trees

    Thanks for posting the photos, I really enjoyed them, and reading the replies too !

    Best wishes


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    Pipelining in a Huey is a Blast!!! For those that don't understand the term - it is balls to the wall with the skids almost dragging on the ground. We had to climb slightly to clear the rice paddy dikes (which were usually only about 4 - 5' high).

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