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Huey Time

Article about: So last weekend at work I got to go flying in Dillon Aeros's Huey with Robert Mason, Author of 'Chickenhawk' - good times.

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    So last weekend at work I got to go flying in Dillon Aeros's Huey with Robert Mason, Author of 'Chickenhawk' - good times.Huey TimeHuey TimeHuey TimeHuey TimeHuey TimeHuey Time

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    That must have been a real buzz!!! I have loved these choppers ever since i saw APOCALYPSE NOW as a kid!!! Du duh du dur dur!

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    I hope you had a great time.

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    Quote by cricketchris1944 View Post
    I hope you had a great time.
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

    I'm Spartacus, not really i'm Paul!...

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    I have no complaints!

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    Flying a a Huey with Robert Mason that's fantastic !!
    The gates of hell were opened and we accepted the invitation to enter" 26/880 Lance Sgt, Edward Dyke. 26th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers , ( 3rd Tyneside Irish )

    1st July 1916

    Thought shall be the harder , heart the keener,
    Courage the greater as our strength faileth.
    Here lies our leader ,in the dust of his greatness.
    Who leaves him now , be damned forever.
    We who are old now shall not leave this Battle,
    But lie at his feet , in the dust with our leader

    House Carles at the Battle of Hastings

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    Huey's are neet. I almost bought a B model gunship once. Couldn't come up with the cash.
    No Joke it really was for sale.
    Looks like fun too me.

    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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    asterperious I hope its ok that I cropped part of your photo of Bob for an interview headshot of him.

    You can find the interview with Bob where he talks about some of the incidents in the book Chickenhawk at Episode 46
    The Rotary Wing Show - For Helicopter Aircrew, By Helicopter Aircrew

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    When I was 11 years old, I was at a military show at MAS Yuma and was able to go for a ride
    in a Huey. The pilot made some sharp banking maneuvers . Sitting on that bench, looking
    straight out at the ground, was one of the most exciting things I have ever done.
    Live to ride -- Ride to live

    I was addicted to the "Hokey-Pokey" but I've turned
    myself around.

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    Its been a long time since I rode in a Huey. It was my favorite of all the helicopters that I rode in while I was in the USMC.

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