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ID confirmation needed

Article about: That makes sense! I thought it was rather strange how good the paint was and lack of Swazi ! I pulled that image from google.

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    Default ID confirmation needed

    Gents, I need confirmation of the identification of the aircraft shown in the attachment below please. Is it a model FW-190?

    Thanks in advance for any replies.



    NOTE: image from nmvught
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    Looks like an early model P-47 Thunderbolt to me.

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    Hi Carl,

    Pete's right, it's a Republic P-47D 'Razorback' model. The wide chord Curtiss Electric prop that the above aircraft has indicates it was probably built at the Evansville, Indiana plant rather than the Republic plant at Long Island, New York which fitted Hamilton Standard props. It was the heaviest single engine fighter of WW2 weighing in at around 8 tonnes.

    Regards, Ned.
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    The FW190 only had a three bladed prop as far as I'm aware.


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    As said, def not a FW-190. The nose cone is much bigger and as said, it has three blades on the prop. Here are a few images to compare With the P-47D.
    I like the one being pulled from the ocean...the paint looks almost new!
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture ID confirmation needed   ID confirmation needed  

    Attached Images Attached Images ID confirmation needed 

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    Now that's interesting, Dean. In the second picture - the plane that is being pulled from the ocean - there isn't a Swastika marking on the tail. I thought they all had tail markings on both sides - or did the FW-190 only have it on the right hand side?


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    I'm not sure, that's strange. I hadn't noticed that until you pointed it out!

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    It was a reproduction that ditched into the sea practicing for an airshow in 2009 ( sorry, into the Med off Hyeres, France in 2010 )
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    I thought it looked to be in too good a condition to have been in seawater for such a long period of time! Seems odd that they didn't have the correct markings.


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    These days you can't even buy prebuilt diecast models of German aircraft with the tail Swastika on them-even Finnish markings for that matter-recently Hobbymaster had a shipment seized at the export point out of China (where they make the stuff) because of the Swastika-now they'll make them with a removable sticker over the top for the buyer to remove!

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