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Jasta 11 fabric?

Article about: Could it be?

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    Default Jasta 11 fabric?

    Could it be?

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    Default Re: Jasta 11 fabric?

    Thanks for posting. Pieces this large are quite rare to say the least. Fabric identification is a highly specialized area, and I only know of a handful of researchers who might be able to narrow the piece down. If this is a known color scheme of a pilot from that Jasta, then it might be possible. A couple of possibilities come to mind:

    1. The color scheme represents the main body color of the plane with the upper, lower, left or right portion being black, divided by a white stripe.

    2. What we are seeing is the remnants of the body color being red, and the black and white being part of the Balkan kreuz.

    As to the slits in the fabric, do they look like rips, or do you see evidence of reinforcement stitching around the edges of the openings? If these are openings for cables, struts or a movable control apparatus, that could definitely provide you with what type of aircraft it came off of as well as the portion of the plane that it was removed from.

    Can you please provide a photo of the reverse and a close shot of the fabric thread weave? Also, is there any known history of who brought the piece back?
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    Default Re: Jasta 11 fabric?

    Thanks for the quick reply, Steve. I've been told that the fragment is from the upper wing, and is indeed a part of the Balkan kreuz. It may be from a DVII, but that is not being absolutely claimed.

    Here are some further pictures--the best I can do at this point.

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