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My Flying Helmet Collection

Article about: Hey guys i thought i would post some of my flying Helmets for you First up is a early B Typre Next is a Type C with G type oxygen radio mask This is a Chinese Mig 15 Pilots Helmet A G Type c

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    I was referring to the cloth mask and the 'cage' which holds the microphone. The style of the lettering and number (6D/117) is exactly the same as the Sefton reproduction items. The style of the '1' appears to be different in form from the originals I have seen. Have a look at the picture of the Sefton example I have attached. The problem with these oxygen masks is that they go for mega-money, and the ones offered by Sefton are uncannily accurate in detail. Only slight differences exist between the repro and the original.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	raf-type-d-oxygen-mask---reproduction_14978_pic4_size3.jpg 
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    Author of... 'Belfast Diaries: A Gunner In Northern Ireland'... 'A Tough Nut To Crack: Andersonstown.. Voices From 9 Battery Royal Artillery In Northern Ireland'... 'An Accrington Pal: The Diaries of Pte Jack Smallshaw, September 1914 To March 1919'.

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    Ok Guy's here is an update i have done on a C Type helmet. Added were New unis sued Receivers and Looms and a pair of hard to find MkVII Goggles and tinted flip-Shield and a 1944 dated H Mask Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSC01348.jpg 
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Name:	DSC01349.jpg 
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Name:	DSC01351.jpg 
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Name:	DSC01352.jpg 
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Name:	DSC01353.jpg 
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Name:	DSC01354.jpg 
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    Very nice, Greg.
    You must be getting quite a good collection by now.

    Cheers, Willie.

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    G'day Guy's, it's been awhile since i last updated the collection, so here are a few new items
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20160612_124757_zpsbm4j3abw.jpg 
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Name:	DSC01296_zpswudn2wbt.jpg 
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Name:	DSC01312_zpsmwsdykd7.jpg 
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Name:	DSC01346.jpg 
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Name:	DSC01403 - Copy.jpg 
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Name:	DSC01404 - Copy.jpg 
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Name:	DSC01423_zpsqvxucwqt.jpg 
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Name:	DSC01471_zpslkvs3pck.jpg 
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Name:	DSC01477_zps1rqq3zt9.jpg 
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Name:	DSC01482_zpsekntapwr.jpg 
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Name:	DSC01483_zpsd7nngdhk.jpg 
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    Starting with a Garrison Cap, Battle of Britain Pilots Tunic, a pair of Mk II Goggles,a set of MkVII Goggles , Irvine Jacket, 1936 Pattern Flying Boot,s A Canadian B, Type and a Battle of Britain B Type Helmet with Mk III Goggles


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    Looking good Studly!! Your BoB items look to be in great shape and those goggles look CHERRY

    Semper Fi

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    Thanks Phil

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    Very nice collection. I just watched the Battle of Britain movie (1969) the other night, and so those items look very familiar. I love those Irvine jackets!

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    Some OK items recently posted there, but the wing on the service dress is poor quality contemporary copy and not a 1940 period issue flat wing. The goggles you describe as 'mk II' are not aviation googles, they are army motor transport goggles very commonly passed off as Mk II's. I suspect you know the H masks are alos post war models - the one on the helmet with the mk VII goggles is a variant of the J mask. The Irvine looks funny to me - might also be a postwar copy, it's missing the belt and the cuffs look 'off' - the pictures are not the best so it may be a good one just in rough shape and missing parts. The '36 pattern boots - are they the Aussie Bedgood ones? These were also widley made in the 50's and 60's for mototrcycling too. what does the interior look like?

    You might want to pick up ol I & 2 of these books they will help you a lot in collecting this material. Luftwaffe vs. RAF: Flying Equipment of the Air War, 1939-45 - $49.95 : Schiffer Publishing

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    Really impressed with your collection updates Greg ,thanks for sharing

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