Marvia Edizioni, publisher of Aerei su Savona: Storie di piloti ed aerei caduti in provincia di Savona, just published an English translation of the book whose title is Allied Shot Down over Italy, Pilots and Planes found in the Province of Savona.

The book discusses of four planes and their crew:
- B 25 - 43-27797 Gray Goose of the 310th BG, 428th BS; USAAF
- B 24 41-28734 Nov Schmoz Ka Pop of the 461st BG(h), 764th BS; USAAF
- Bristol Beaufighter NT907 of the 272nd Squadron; RAF
- Supermarine Spitfire K620 ot the 237th Squadron, RAF and his pilot, the Rodhesian Ian Smith.

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