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OPINIONS on a RAF Sgt Navigator Jacket

Article about: Hi: Can I ask you guys a opinion on this Jacket. It looks good, but I would like a second opinion. Cheers Luis

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    I paid 70 for my 1941 dated jacket (the one with the sgt stripes) and 35 for my 1951 dated tunic with 1953 dated peaked cap. Both were purchased on ebay within the last four years.

    Im sorry that I gave you the thumbs up initially only to realise I was wrong- but I have no doubt that your tunic is a 1951 produced example which has probably been altered to deceive- with wartime albatross badges added and the date label removed. I suspect that the navigators wing and ribbons are modern additions. The same thing has happened to me and I know how it feels to find you have been defrauded- it happens to us all at some point.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture OPINIONS on a RAF Sgt Navigator Jacket   OPINIONS on a RAF Sgt Navigator Jacket  

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    Thanks Douglas, No prob, I appreciate any help.
    It is awful, I collect all kind of wwii militaria and in the beginning it was a little hard, but in time I got to know the pieces, but British militaria has been a little out of reach, so as a result I don't know a lot about it. But seriously I just came from England and I was so excited that I really wanted to buy a jacket, and this one seemed legit...and was priced accordingly. Well...Im trying to solve thing out with the seller.



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    Hello there,

    I'm no expert and I may be wrong on this but I was under the impression that wartime examples had 4 equally-spaced buttons down the front with the fourth button positioned just below the belt. Post war jackets had a fourth button hidden behind the belt which was flat brass without the RAF logo embossed on it.

    Simply, if it's wartime you can see 4 embossed buttons and if it's post-war you see 3. Unless of course someone has tried to make it look wartime and added a 5th!


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    Surely the example from my collection, shown above with peaked cap, dated 1951, contradicts what you have just said? I think you are thinking of postwar RAF officers jackets.

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    Yes you are right, I'm muddling this up with officers jackets. Thanks for the clarification Douglas.

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    Nothing on the insignia?

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