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Pappy Boyington

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    Quote by Larry C View Post
    I ll bring out soft pretzels Phil !

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    Don't tease that way Larry. My Mom and Dad when they would visit would bring a 2 suitcases, 1 fulll of pretzels from Frankford ave pretzel factory and one full of tastekace's factory. At that time we didn't have them here and I love my Krimpets (Jelly and Butterscotch) but I had to tell them years later they were here now but the pretzels are a winner all the time. We have a pizzeria(Ronnies) that It claims Philly Cheessteakes.( Genos' style) They are good and we do love them But he is from Upper Darby(WTF) What Can I say, I have dealt with people claiming Philly rights But they are from our suburbs.(Wannabe's) I give a gift of our pretzel to him every time( Shit my mom would bring 8 packs of 10) When I was young. I got those bad boys for a nickle at recess at school( A nickle well spent in my mind) and also sold them at our local thiriftway market on Castor ave. I would Sell a pretzel and also offer to carry their bags for the little old ladies and hope to get a tip for doing it. HEY THAT WAS MY LIFE AS A KID IN PHILLY!!!! I bought my first bayonet with the money And HERE I AM YEARS LATER ON THIS SITE!!! Whoda thought!!! Luv Ya MY Philly Brother and hope to give ya a Big Italian Hug when I get to shake your hand!!!

    I would like to add that I'm out and I'm joesen for a one of those bitches. It's like GOOD porn to me that I could almost smell it and its a salty one.The way I like em..OHHHH hot mustard ...........YOU SOB you know how to hit home
    Semper Fi
    Philly Phil In Az

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    I had the good fortune to meet and talk to Pappy B on 2 occasions. First was at an air show in Colorado and later at the CAF Airsho in Texas.
    We had at least one thing in common - the F4U-4 Corsair. He flew them and I maintained and was a Plane Captain on them. Thus I had some taxi time in the bird!
    He was diefinately an interesting guy to talk to and when I told him I had been in a Corsair sqdn his demenor changed a noticeable bit.

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