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A piece of Movie History!

Article about: I guess all us aviation nut jobs have seen the movie "The Blue Max" right? It's one of my all time favourite films to be honest and the scene where the Fokker Dr.1's fly under the

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    Very nice bird! Oh, and the chunk of the plane is cool, too!

    It may not actually be part of an Imperial aircraft, but it's close enough to be meaningful!

    Always looking for information on 6.SS-Nord

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    Great piece of movie history and a great movie.

    And yes, Ursula was a hottie. She was quite striking in the Bond movie as well.

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    The Australian War Memorial has some of the original fabric of the Triplane, souvenired when it was shot down by our troops in 1918...

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    Excellent film, and great flying sequences, god knows how many times I've seen it, good old George Peppard, a stalwart in some good war movies, Operation Crossbow, Tobruk,, , shame about the movie planes condition, if someone had the time and patience it could be restored to a reasonable static display, I always thought that the aircraft used in the film later ended up in the Shuttleworth collection, but obviously not

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    If anyone's interested, another piece of war movie history is displayed at the Mosquito museum at St Albans, Herts, its the actual cockpit section of the mosquito used in 633 Squadron, where Cliff Robertson sat, a real cockpit was used for the shots having been cut from a non flying mossie, you can cry now if you feel the need

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    What a Great piece off Film History Ben and a Great film too.


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    An interesting story.

    I love the film too.

    Nice buy.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    A very cool piece of cinematic history! Congratulations!

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    A most interesting story and a nice pick up Ben. I noticed a little while ago that someone was selling some pieces of at least one of the Blue Max aircraft on eBay so that they could raise enough to restore them (I think he would need to sell a Hell of a lot - from memory they weren't that expensive). They had put them in a Shadow Box with a Pour le Merite copy.

    I remember when I first saw the Blue Max just after it's release - I went with my Uncle and several of my cousins - and I loved it. Just recently found a copy of the video in a second hand store and bought it - fortunately I still have a VCR. Still love it, though I have to say my all time fave film is Gunga Din, though The Dawn Patrol is a very close second.

    Edit: BTW - who said that WW1 planes were not sturdy? For it to be shot up that much (as shown on the cover of Aero) and still land is just incredible...... And on a side note, one of the people I work with told me last week that her grandfather was a woodworker in WW1 and made the coffin for von Richthofen...Not entirely convinced but a strange thing to say if not true. He was apparently interviewed and his story - or a part of it - was put into a book. I'll find out a more next week.


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    Nice piece of movie history there.

    I'll have to dig it out and re-watch it as it's been years since I've seen that movie. Although I'm sure with the 100th next year it'll probably make an appearance at some point!

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