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Pilot officer Fred Cardwell info

Article about: i Hope i have posted this query in the relevant section? i have recently become aware of a great uncle who was a pilot officer in the RAF who died on 25th Oct 1919 aged just 20. i have done

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    Hi! Fred Cardwell died during an air raid (or patrol flight) to Kronstadt on 25 October 1919. The weather was bad. He was flying a seaplane when the Soviet anti-aircraft got him and his plane crashed to the sea. The Royal Navy sent a CMB to rescue him but it came too late. The Reds had towed his plane off. Fred Cardwell is most probably buried on Kronstadt (if not there then in St. Petersburg). The sea plane base was situated on the North side of the Sudensaari island very close to the town on Koivisto (Björkö) and it was a part of the RAF squadron attached to HMS Vindictive (one of the first air craft carriers).

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    Hi, and welcome to the forum!

    Thanks for the new info.

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    Default A photo of Cardwell

    Pilot officer Fred Cardwell infoHi! I forgot that I even have a photo of him, taken in September 1919, a couple of days before his death, in the village of Koivisto. Sorry for the bad quality, it is a photo of a photo but I should get a good scan of the original fairly soon. I hope that I managed to attach it here (this is my first day in this forum). Three pilots in this photo died within 1,5 months.

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    Hi Mikko i was the original poster and Fred was my great uncle, i have not been on the forum for a few years until today and i have just seen your posts and the photo! thank you very much for taking the time to post your thoughts and the beautiful picture. can i ask where you got the information and picture from? i could only find one mention of two pilots from 47 squadron being killed in October 1919. one was a low flying aircraft straffing, and the other shot by a sentry by mistake. i had assumed Fred was the one shot by the sentry as there was no mention in the ships log of an aircraft being shot down, but there was a mention of a funeral party being sent to the mainland. i hope you get this message and can tell me what happened?

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