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RAF Navigators

Article about: Hi, I joined your forum a few months ago while I was looking at doing a bit of Metal Detecting and got linked here because of some of the finds people have made. I'm not a Militaria collecto

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    Default RAF Navigators

    I joined your forum a few months ago while I was looking at doing a bit of Metal Detecting and got linked here because of some of the finds people have made. I'm not a Militaria collector as such, I just found your site interesting.
    Anyway metal detecting has taken a back seat for now but I see you have this section related to aircraft and I have quite a lot of stuff that was my Grandad's during his time as a Navigator on board Halifax bombers during WW2. It's mostly paperwork but there are a few photos but nothing too dramatic, group photos etc.
    Is this the kind of thing anyone is interested in looking at on here?

    Here he is 3rd from left with Halifax J for Johnny and crew taken in August '42

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    Default Re: RAF Navigators

    Hi, firsly welcome to the forum!

    I would love to see any items you have pertaining to your Grandad.

    Thanks for the offer to share them.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: RAF Navigators

    Thanks Ade
    The early stuff is mostly correspondence, I have a letter to his boss (he was a telegraphist and sorting clerk at the GPO) asking to leave his reserved occupation to attempt to qualify for a Wireless Operator/Gunner. He must have changed to Navigator somewhere along the line On the Back is the HeadPostmaster's reply

    It looks like he couldn't wait to get away from my Gran as he asks twice if his entry can be speeded up.

    His paybook and postings

    I hope it's not too boring, it does liven up a bit when he gets flying.

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    Default Re: RAF Navigators

    These two are I believe from when he was training, unfortunately not many have any dates or names written on the back, anyone know the aircraft in the background?
    back row 2nd from left
    middle row 1st on left Marines V RAF Apr 42
    Also Marines V RAF Apr 42

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    Default Re: RAF Navigators


    The aircraft looks like a De Haviland Dragon Rapide.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: RAF Navigators

    After a quick google..
    I hadn't even noticed it was a biplane, cheers,

    Navigator training book, I like the "Man is not lost" motif

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    Default Re: RAF Navigators

    If this could be dated it would be great, I'm not sure if it's when he was a Pilot Officer or a Flying Officer.

    There are some Navigation Logs from when he was with 102 Squadron

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    Default Re: RAF Navigators

    I think I am right in saying that the "VR" Volunteer Reserve collar insignia was not used after 1943? This is provided he followed regualtions of course.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: RAF Navigators

    Thanks for that Ade, I find myself getting annoyed he never wrote anything on the back of them and then realise how lucky I am he had the foresight to bring them home.

    Some of the entries in the Logs are quite eye opening

    Sorry about the quality they are written in pencil and don't scan or photograph easily.

    I'll post some more tomorrow if that's ok

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    Default Re: RAF Navigators

    Great Stuff ,I notice they dropped few NICHELS ,propaganda leaflets to you and I.I wonder if anyone still has some of these.
    Regards Mike

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