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a really moving french site

Article about: hello my friends!This one is for you!Ho no!Not an another Froggies language site....Yes!And no!You will find wonderful testimonies of people who lived the history,and some are translated(go

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    Default Re: a really moving french site

    Quote by sebfrench76 View Post
    hi Navyman!
    I agree, but I can understand and it's a lot better than my schoolboy French!
    navyman. (La or Le) ?
    So,first,it quite enjoyable for me to find an Englishman who's learnt a little bit of French at School...And second,to reply to your request,it's "Le Navyman",cause I think you're a boy...
    Today,I will post some pictures of RMS Lusitania's rare item.Considering your user's name,you could be interested.
    Have a good day
    Bonjour Seb,
    I look forward to the Lusitania pics. They will interest me as I am an ex submariner. I know you French chaps have always been very good with 'Boats' as we British submariners call them. For example La Surcouf, a great boat.
    By the way,it's good to be called a boy as I'm nearly sixty years old.
    Best regards mon ami,

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    Default Re: a really moving french site

    dear Navyman,you seems to have still,despite of your age(ha ha ha,frog joke!)some Frenchs souvenirs.As you,nobody called me "mon ami" for years.In France,when you use these words,generally things are going bad.For example,a judge at the end of a trial,can prononce "mon ami" before "10 years of jail"...But I'm sure that in your case ,it was only a polite image.By the way,on which submarine did you serve?

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    Default Re: a really moving french site

    My apologies, I'm only trying to make an effort, will have to get an Engish/French phrase book, particularly as my nephew is married to a French Lady and lives in your lovely country.
    I served on various boats, my favourite, although I only did some training on it was 'Tiptoe', the last to see service in WW2. Until I became a wheelchair user I lived on several surface boats here in Bristol. Naturally one of them I named Tiptoe.
    I collect a range of militaria, and still shoot, it's fun in my chair and I can still make a reasonable score.
    Best regards, my friend, (I don't want you to get 10 years)!

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    Default Re: a really moving french site

    It was humor,dear Navyman!And so your nephew lives in France?Not too hard for you?The land of good cooking,good wines,beautiful wives,terrific landscapes,delicious and so clean people...Ha ha ha !My brother lives in Greewich,s.e London.I absolutely love English people,especially when they have your age.As I work just in front of "Hotel de Quebec" in Rouen(a cheap and cosy adress,by the way,loved by Englishmen),it's always a pleasure to discuss with your compatriots and to practise my "low level" english.
    Sad to know you're in a wheelchair.After a bike crash,I tryed it for a year,so...I figure out what it can be.
    Is it your boat?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture a really moving french site  

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    Default Re: a really moving french site

    Good morning Seb,
    Thanks for your interest, I will try and attach some pictures of my old boat, sadly in the scrapyard. I made two visits there many years ago, the second with my son who has grown up now and is a deep sea fisherman. There is no trace of the boat these days. Your picture may indeed be of her, look at the new motorway bridge in the background for comparison? Although many boats have been cut up there. Do you know when the picture was taken?
    My very best regards,
    Guy, (navyman),
    PS Could you pm me as my computer wont let me attach the photo's but I could then email them to you? So much for technology!

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