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RFC Cloth wings

Article about: Hi, I have had these RFC wings since 1977, and they have been in a framed piece to preserve them. I had them appraised a long while ago and they are 1917 wings, i would like to know if any o

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    Default RFC Cloth wings

    I have had these RFC wings since 1977, and they have been in a framed piece to preserve them. I had them appraised a long while ago and they are 1917 wings, i would like to know if any of you would know the value of them today. I just like to know what they are worth for my collection help is appreciated.
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    Sorry, they are poor fakes that appeared out of pakistan/india in the 1970's when generic repro insignias became popular, sold via military history mail order trinket dealers out of magazines etc.. RFC/RAF wings were never on khaki cloth. might be 'worth' a tenner.

    Here is a pair of mine that show what the wings had to look like:
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    Here is a picture of a WD sealed pattern refernce board.

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    And the Observors wing.
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    I was in Aldershot depot in 1977 we had to clear and old store and burn the old kit there, i found an old RFC tunic and took these wings from it. If you look at the Canadian RFC wings you will see that they are Khaki and not black, the only thing i regret is not cutting the buttons off as well so you see the are not fake as you say they are they are original wings.

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    As you are from Arazona you probably dont know where Aldershot is, it is the home of the British Army Parachute Regt and all of our airborne units, it is one of the biggest depots in the country, so you see you can not just dismiss everything as a fake.

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    Default RFC and RAF wings

    A number of years ago I acquired a small collection of British military. Not being a collector of such things I sold off most of it to a good friend who wanted it for his collection. I kept back the 2 sets of wings pictured here. I am pretty sure that the RFC wings are 100% original but stand to be corrected if they are not. The lot I got my hands on was from the pilot himself and I see no reason for him having copies although such things are not impossible. I have no idea what such items are worth and just decided to keep them as they were in nice condition and the RFC wings appear to have the price written in pencil on the reverse.
    Any opinions most welcome.
    All the best from Jersey,
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    Hi D,
    I couldnt tell you if your wings are right or not but as you got them from the pilot himself they could well be unissued wings that do appear from time to time you would be amazed at what is in storage in the military stores. Some pieces untouched for many yrs, I know the provenance of the wings i have as i collected them myself from moth eaten tunic but as said i wish i took the buttons to as they are very collectable now, thanks for showing the wings.

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    Hi Dave,
    Being in the right place at the right time is all it takes, its amazing what is still tucked away awaiting discovery. I hope my wings are the real deal, I have no reason to think otherwise as the source was the best I could hope for.
    All the best,

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    Sorry guys, wishfulness and specious reasoning do not validate items, people find Picasso's' at flea markets everyday, it doesn't make them real; and, supercilious remarks with respect to geography aside (and you might want to get your spelling correct before you look down your nose) I am fully aware of the significance of Aldershot. I grew up in Western Canada and went to school in the UK. Even finding items in the 60's or 70's doesn't axiomatically validate things as that was still already 50-60 years after the RFC ceased to exist, and veterans do acquire copy items for themselves to replace things they discarded or want to have as mementoes, in frames on the wall, for family members etc. Also, in the 1960's in Canada there were a number of military tattoos in which parades of soldiers in historic costume were part of the heritage and centennial celebrations. A lot of these costumes made up at the time turn up and fool collectors. I don't know if similar sorts of things happened in the UK but this might more credibly explain the discovery of these items at the installation.

    I have also been actively collecting RFC and later uniforms, kit, insignia etc. for close to 30 years now. I am friends with number of very knowledgeable specialists and have a very strong knowledge myself of this material. Also, the only examples of these fantasy pieces that turn up are the pilots version, even for the sake of argument 'if' they were genuine RFC items, you'd expect to see Observers' O wings turn up from time to time, and they never do. As I have supplied genuine examples, sealed patterns above and been met with derision I'll offer this from Warren Carroll, who wrote the book 'Eagles Recalled' and is recognized as one of the top experts on all things commonwealth wing related.

    Name:  eagles recalled.jpg
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    "Hi Scott.
    The khaki wings you show are ww2 or later and not official. There are a lot for sale by dealers. Occasionally i have seen the odd photo from the 60's usually worn by a Col. There are some Army wings with the lion and crown on khaki worn by Canadians just after the war for the Battle jacket, but these were never official and the practice was stopped quickly. There is a RAF wing with brown backing that was issued to HRH Phillip for a bush jacket just after the war.
    As to the illustration you sent the wing is a fake and the crown tells the story.
    Again Thanks

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    I was not making supercilious remarks to anybody as you are in the States, and how was i to know you lived in Engalnd at some time, i wasnt sure if you knew where Aldershot was. And im not one to look down my nose at anybody all i am saying is that i took the wings from a RFC uniform jacket in 1977 and have had the appraised as 1917 wings, as for check my spelling so i put an A instead of an I big deal i suppose you have never made a spelling mistake in your life with your pompous attitude that you have, I will not reply to you in this thread anymore as i dont think it is worth an argument.
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    Jeez guys, keep it polite, this is the British section after all.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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