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scramble bell

Article about: scramble bell stamped 1943

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    Default scramble bell

    scramble bell

    scramble bell stamped 1943

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    Default Re: scramble bell


    What information do you require? "scramble bell stamped 1943" is not very helpful.


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    sorry it was just
    general opinions

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    Hello! Is it for RAF air base?

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    That is what Kevin is trying to ascertain. Whether this bell was indeed used during WW2 to scramble a RAF squadron.


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    I too googled this item and it seems that for it to be original it would have to have the A.M marking.


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    im told it has goverment arrow

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    It seems to have the wrong type "hanger" to the AM marked bells too.
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    The goverment arrow is normal found on post war RAF items with wartime items being AM marked

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